The Number One Best Percussion Massager For The Money

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There are many different percussion models out of their styles and sizes, but if you don’t want to spend five or $600 and don’t want to buy something that breaks after a couple of weeks of use. I recommend without an affiliate link Bob and brad percussion massager.

I know that I would use the file at links to make money, but I did not make what they’re saying altogether to make money. I would instead read reviews on a non-bias site that does not have associated profit-taking links to products.

Bob and Brad are physical therapists around since maybe the beginning of YouTube. They started years ago just doing videos helping people heal the body.

YouTube videos and now they’ve branched out on some of their products and a percussion massager as one of them there is A very nice quality for the price point you can find their percussion massager‘s on Amazon or you can buy them directly I always recommend to people if they’re not sure about whether they will like or keep using a percussion massager that should start with a budget percussion massager first and see if they like it and keep using it many of my friends and family have bought the 400 $500 massagers use them a few times and now they just said this could be the case for you this is why

I strongly recommend starting with a cheaper one, and even if you want to move up later, you can always sell that one. They are still very popular and growing fast. A lot of athletes have now adopted them to warm up, not to relieve damaged muscles. The benefit they have over regular massage is the percussion, and the speed of the percussion gives you extremely fast results getting a full body massage done within 15 minutes. You only need two minutes per muscle group, and you’re done.

Bob and Brad put their name on a percussion massager and started marketing them on YouTube by searching their YouTube channel, and I have some videos on their percussion massager.

I wanted to develop a one and made beginner percussion massager one that I could recommend to any friend or family. The problem with the cheaper Massagers I keep running into they’re durable already, and noise and even smell many of these cheaper Massagers once using them will start putting off almost like a slight burning plastic smell. These cheaper percussion Massagers like to overheat, and one reason a lot of them have an auto shut off you can’t run them for more than a few minutes at a time until they shut off. I bet you that if you ran one long enough, it would probably catch fire. It would help if you were very careful. Some of these cheaper percussion massagers are put together very cheaply with cheap electrical and cheap batteries, and these batteries have been known to explode catch fire. And this is why I wanted to be careful about the percussion massager.

I recommend to somebody I want to be able to stand by what I recommend and not worry about it but yet save somebody money at the same time, and that’s where I kept coming back to Bob and Brad percussion massager just like they stand behind their percussion massager and put their name on it literally I want to stand behind what I recommend there is so much garbage out there, and there’s so much hype about how great this one is, or that one and a lot of it is just all salesy marketing bull they have a couple of different percussions massager models and more recently a smaller handhold model for like travel or just to do your forearms are biceps and is very handy and to hit the smaller muscle groups with the little compact percussion massager.

Where To Buy Bob And Brad Massage Gun

You can buy the Bob and Brad percussion massager just about anywhere if you have Amazon prime two-day shipping as one of the fastest ways. If you have any issues, Amazon stands behind everything they sell, and they take care of their customers, so you have 100% customer guarantee satisfaction when buying through Amazon.

Walmart is a great place to buy if you don’t have an Amazon account, you cannot buy in-store, but you can buy online and have it shipped to your home if you try it you don’t like it Walmart will always take care of you the nice thing about purchasing from a bad company as the customer service if you buy even name brand products from other companies or websites that are not verified or do you not have very good customer service you can get into a situation I am well thank you very unsatisfied I have purchased because it was just a few dollars cheaper it is a good product that I was purchasing so I wasn’t worried about the quality of the product, but then different things have happened to me with the shipping or damaged during shipping or order never being filled just to save a couple of dollars it’s not worth I only purchase from bigger reputable companies these days when it comes to a product that’s over $50

Or you can go straight to the source and buy from Bob and these guys have been at it over 10 years now they have done a big YouTube following if you haven’t checked out your YouTube videos I wanna check them out they have top decks on just about every type of stretching or chiropractic or injury advice now they’ve got into some of their own products that they use and trust and Bob and Brad percussion massager as one of them if you go to their website you will find not just their percussion massager‘s but there are other stretching A massage physical therapy equipment I like to purchase from them because they have helped me out so much with their free videos and stretches and how to at home recovery methods it’s amazing the power of the Internet and what we have now to some people it’s just normal but really not that long ago we did not have the Internet like it is today and none of this information was available the only way to get that type of information where to go to a $50.15 minute chiropractic visit you’re not going to learn much or retain much within 15 minutes and that is only worth a chiropractor that was willing to take the time to teach you how to performs preventive stretching maintenance and exercise therapy methods a lot of our aches and pains with the right massage technique and some physical therapy exercises you can fix people have pains they’ve dealt with for years A lot of pain becomes a problem because one of the inflamed area but to an injury happens and the muscle gets weak and then the pain and inflammation sets and so massage and stretching is good but you have to strengthen the muscle back to fully recover and prevent for Future injuries.

Bob And Brad Massage Gun Coupon Code

There are usually never any coupon codes for a Bob and Brad massage gun, but there are some places that you can get a big discount sometimes on Facebook, and eBay you can find a used one Facebook marketplace now offers their seller’s option to do shipping receive payments through Facebook secure payment processors I have purchased a few other items this way with no problems.

I have not had any problems with receiving my items, or Facebook took care of my payment to the seller Facebook as a multibillion-dollar company and goes back to the trust factor they’re going to take care of their users, unlike buying from some platform that nobody knows the name of you can put some trust in using the Facebook market place platform.

The other option is buying on eBay. You can purchase a couple of different ways the auction format if you have the time and patience to wait on an auction sometimes she will catch one as much as 50% off on a used one if somebody selling it on auction or some of the sellers well offer the best offer option you can keep sending best offers until you get the one that the price that you’re looking to spend eBay also guarantees buyer satisfaction if you have any issue whatsoever with a seller on eBay. The seller will not work out that problem with you.

eBay will step in and take care of the situation as long as you’re in the right no questions asked, you will receive a full refund but remember very important when dealing with eBay always read the listing very thoroughly if it says no returns or the listing in small print could say parts only or missing parts do you want to be very careful eBay will not honor your return if the listing states clearly that there is an issue with the use or even new product that you’re buying you can get yourself I got a deal, but you also can’t get in trouble by buying something that doesn’t work or is missing pieces just read the ad very carefully don’t buy the first good deal you’re saying LOL I saying I standby if it’s a really good deal too good to be true it probably is lol

There is a lot of massage guns that I like, but if I was going to buy one And I did not want to spend a lot of money, but I wanted the best bang for the buck, I would buy any of the Bob & Brad percussion massager’s if you were a quick list why I’m going to more detail.

  • Quality
  • Price point
  • Customer service
  • Durability
  • Versatility

I am not affiliated with Bob and Brad in any way, and I’ve always found it hard to purchase a product from a review. When I asked at the end of the review, they tell me to go down and buy through their link. I really like to find nonbiased product reviews, and yes, that’s why I think the best massage gun is for the money. They have some cheaper percussion massager‘s kind of the low, middle range of the price point when it comes to massage guns, so that is the big thing.

when it comes to a massage gun when some of them cost as much as my first car, and if you go out and buy a cheap ass massage gun out there, you can also waste your money, and just because it looks the same and seems to work the same a lot of these cheaper massage guys have no stall strength and they have no stroke ranks, and without those two elements you now have a vibrator that looks like a percussion massager so if you’re trying to save money say

Price point when you’re just wasting money, he could’ve just went to Walgreens and bought a vibrating massager and done the same thing for less money. There are some more in-depth YouTube videos on Bob and Brad, the cash in the Sajjad and all the specs, deep details of all that stuff. I won’t go into that here if you’re more interested in that; I suggest going to YouTube and researching and a bright percussion massager strength test. But if it is your first time buying a percussion massager, a bob and Brad percussion massager, OK, really Will be the last massager you ever need to buy.

Now, if you want to spend five or $600, then I would buy a Hyper volt or a Thera gun, but they’re pretty much overkill for most people. At some point, you’re not getting more functionality. You might be getting a little bit more durability or longevity of the device, so if you’re not Leadore somebody who you think will be planning to use it every day for years, then yes, it will be worth your investment to go ahead and spend the extra money on a high-end massager.

Which Brand Of Massage Gun Is The Best?

Here’s a real quick list of the best of the best percussion Massagers

Thera gun

Hyper volt


Here are my top picks, but they are not the cheapest, and I would never recommend them to somebody. I was just starting where massage gun therapy I always recommend people to start with the cheaper massager and see if they even like it. I’ll stick with it so many people go out and buy one, use it a couple of times, and it sits on the shelf. I would hate to spend several hundred dollars for something I end up never using. You can always upgrade later, and a lot of times, somebody borrows from your old one. These are growing in popularity because of the amazing benefits to basically have a personal massager that you can put in a bag and take wherever you go.

What Massage Gun Do Chiropractors Use?

The percussion massage guns chiropractor’s shoes usually are corded guns that do not take batteries. They just plug them directly into a 110 wall socket. Many of these can be purchased on eBay by searching for professional chiropractor tools for electric spine adjustment. These are little electric corded powered percussion massagers. Oftentimes, these are not like most percussion massager‘s these have a powerful percussion, but more of a pose much slower than any other massage gun we ever talk about. Maybe I will do some more in-depth posts, but I just wanted to answer this really quickly here. I recommend that most people who want to stay completely away from these are listed as professional tours, and that is because they are for more of an adjustment of the body rather than massaging the body. It’s not a tool to be used without a chiropractic license.

How Much Force Does A Massage Gun Need?

Do you want to pick a massage guy where install string between 40 and 60 pounds? If you’re looking at a massage gun and they don’t list stall strength, it’s not a real big deal unless the price point is under $100

I found that most of the percussion massager‘s under $100 are made with very cheap parts, and they’re weak, and if they’re not weak, they become weak after a couple of months of using them and get weaker until they have no stall strength. Then whenever you apply pressure to a muscle on the body, the percussion massager quit using the percussion and becomes more of just a vibration. If I wanted, then I want I just bought a vibrating massager, so be careful when you’re buying an off-brand name or a cheaper percussion massager you could end up with problems like this is why

I highly recommend people to start with a bob and Brad percussion massager it basically has all the qualities and durability is that you would ever need especially for the price point and for at least starting out die these high and percussion massager‘s that have these high stark Strank‘s are designed for your Shockoe Neil 6 foot seven and 400 pounds linebackers that need some serious power to get deep into these quad muscles the size of most peoples waist lol blank the NBA players seem to always use the Thera gun as their primary massage gun and the UFC fighters and MMA impact sport fighters use the Tim Tam they are pretty much doing the same thing but they have some unique variations I’ve talked about another post but the main point when it comes to the strength of a percussion massager and to get the cheapest percussion massager with the best Force you’re going to want to stick Above $100 on the price point and purchase something like an Achaway or a Bob and Brad percussion massager.


For the best percussion massager for the money it comes down to sticking above that hundred dollar price point one $20-$200 you’re going to get good quality for your money and buying like a Bob and Brad or achAWay massager he’s going to give you the most for the least and I always tell friends and family to go this route when it comes to a massage gun you don’t need a $600 massage gun for most people those are designed for high end athletes that run their bodies to extremes every day doesn’t mean that you can use a $600 gone and you can have the quality of one but for me if you have A lot of money then by all means go spend $600 and you will not be disappointed but $600 for me as a lot of money so I’m always looking for the best deal but I also don’t want to waste my money and get ripped off on some junk and there is a lot of that out there and a good rule of thumb no matter what brand you go with if you stick above the hundred dollar price point like I said you will find some decent quality and won’t be disappointed with your purchase.