Top 4 Percussion Massager Longest Stroke Length

Three Of TimTam Massage Guns

Here my Top 4 pick with the longest stroke length Percussion massagers on the market.

To me, the stroke length is important, hence the name percussion massager. I’m looking for the percussion if you get a massager that has little to no percussion/stroke, then what you have is just a vibration messenger, not a percussion massager.

My experience this with some of the cheaper massagers that are supposed to be a percussion massager, but the stroke is so short that it’s more of a vibration massage.

TimTam Stroke Length Chart

TimTam pro Stroke

The TimTam Pro is an amazing machine with its stroke and its versatility and it has a thermal heating tip like nothing else out there. The ability to Warm up the muscle helps you release your tissue better with a deeper percussion than anything else. TimTam Pro stroke at 20 mm.

Top 4 Longest stroke massagers

  • TimTam pro 20 mm
  • Theragun elite 16 mm
  • Hypervolt plus 13 mm 
  • Theragun mini 12 mm
Theragun elite 16 mm

Theragun elite come in at 16 mm For the  second-longest stroke 

Theragun Elite is one of the best on the market. Sometimes you can get a used one on eBay, but they’re usually hard to find used.

Many impact sport athletes use the Theragun elite for its long battery life and high stroke pressure.

 When you apply a lot of pressure, some of the cheaper guns lose the where stroke power Theragun elite will hold stroke power when you apply pressure on the targeted area.

Hypervolt plus stroke length

Hypervolt plus stroke length

At 13 mm, Hypervolt plus Comes in at 3rd Place 4 stroke length. Don’t let that disappoint you. The Hypervolt full as one of the best for overall machine strength and durability has not been overlooked wet hyper volt Plus.

 All these and the top four Models stroke length are top-of-the-line percussion massagers, and they all come at a hefty price but with all of them their own unique abilities and strengths.

Theragun Mini Percussion Stroke

Theragun Mini Packs, a surprising percussion stroke at 12 mm, which is still longer than many other percussion massagers, a lot of percussion massagers stroked at 10 mm.

Only about 6 in Long maxent the perfect little percussion massager for the backs of your legs and arms a little bit tighter to reach areas.

 Many people prefer to take them on travel. They fit a lot more comfortably in a gym bag or even a small handbag. They’re very lightweight.

 But on the class of small massagers, there’s nothing compared to Erica and Minnie. Even the stroke outperforms many other top of the line models if the stroke is what you’re looking for.

Why would you want a long percussion stroke?

 a lot of high-intensity athletes go for a longer percussion stroke Tim Tam takes pride in being the longest percussion stroke at 20 mm

 Percussion stroke longer helps to get deeper into the tissue releasing the deeper tightened muscle fibers.

 Depending on your body type, you may want to go for a shorter stroke percussion massager. If you don’t have a lot of body tissue, then a mid-range stroke might be better for you than a longer stroke.

 You can Rack your percussion massager off a bone or nerve ending, which could be painful.

For most people, 10 mm percussion stroke will do all they need if you are a high-intensity athlete CrossFit training or any heavy powerlifting bodybuilding Sports. You may want to go for a longer stroke massage gun, and one of these top for above guns would be on the high end of your pick for the longest Strokes on the market.

Why I,m Going to Buy A TimTam 

I’m going to buy a TimTam for my training recovery personally. After I use it for a while, I will review it and post it later. 

 I’m going to buy a Tam Tam for a couple of reasons. One is the stroke being the longest. The adjustments you can make with it can reach deep into your shoulder blades by yourself a massage.

 And I’m pretty excited to try out the temperature heated head on the pro model heat always helps relax the muscles, so it’s going to be interesting to see if that adds an extra benefit in my recovery.

Percussion massage length of benefits

With a longer stroke, you will be getting more of a percussion, more blood flow, more fibers being broken up, and deeper fibers being broken up.

 kind of like a deep tissue massage therapist, don’t just gently rub your skin on the outer part of your body.

 The massage therapist, when giving a deep tissue massage hence the deep name tissue they will apply the pressure needed to get deep into the tissue, releasing damaged and tightened muscle fibers.

TimTam Video Review

 There’s a lot of different benefits going on with a deep tissue massage or a deeper stroke percussion massage machine.

 The biggest is blood flow blood carries oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients throughout the body. Without blood flow to any part of the body, that part of the body starts to die off.

 Whenever you do any type of massage, you’re promoting blood flow and too damaged areas that may not quickly get blood flow on their own.

 Keep that in mind when working on your own body, whether you’re using a foam roller or hand massage, especially a percussion massager.

 Think about the muscle mind connection, how the muscle lays out with the fibers, and think about moving your massager and a way to support blood flow in all directions.

 This will speed up your recovery and fully break up the damaged fibers so they can heal and repair.

 muscle fiber Direction

Keep in mind your muscle fiber Direction. If you have to Google the muscle group that you’re working on Anatomy pictures and look at the overlay of muscle fibers in which direction they are going.

 This will give you a good idea of how the muscle fibers are being laid out in the muscle group you’re working on.

 You don’t want to work, and one Direction of your muscle fibers, you want to break the fibers up.

 When a muscle gets damaged or any tissue, things tensing up, and they get pulled and more of a tight straight line.

 with your tool at hand or your own hand, keep mindful of which direction you are moving across Waze along the muscle fibers to break up the fibers is going to speed up your recovery rather than just rubbing in One Direction along a muscle.

 muscles are our biggest organs

If you think about it, Muscles are really just a big organ, just like the heart and the liver and the lungs. They all need proper nutrients. The sayings have never been so true.

 you are what you eat

 if you deal with a lot of muscle inflammation, soreness, and tightness, you may want to look into an anti-inflammatory diet

 And stay off of processed foods and preservatives and all that box goodies stuff that we love to eat, but our muscles do not, and they let us know really quickly with soreness and inflammation.

 Inflammation is the leading cause of all disease studies now shows that 98% of us can live a long full, healthy life without any major health issues that mean 98% of bad health is due to bad diet.

 we all know what we should and should not eat pretty much, but it is one of the hardest things to do and a western Society, we have a diet here called SAD  “standard American diet.”

I like to call it a sad diet.

 I highly recommend going to a whole food, primarily plant-based diet. I do eat a lot of animal products, but I tried to stick to organic grass-fed products. Not everybody can afford organic all the time; I know I can’t.

 but if you try to go for the highest quality food as you can when you can, you’ll be a lot better off

 The trouble is you really have no idea when you eat something how much inflammation and pain and soreness that it could be causing you until you laminate it.

 When I first got off processed foods, I went on a strict diet for 6 months and then started bringing some of that bad delicious old favorite foods.

 My inflammation and pain went through the roof. I was so sick I didn’t know what was wrong until I realize that it’s the food I’ve been eating.

 You really just don’t know how good you can feel until you feel good, or the other way around. I didn’t know how bad I was feeling until I got feeling good.

 Everything has its place exercise massage therapy even percussion massagers.

 At the end of the day, you’re left with the choices you made yesterday, and that’s what you get to live with today, so try to make your best choices with the best means you have to have a better tomorrow.