Percussion Massage Techniques For Muscle Spasms

leg muscle spasms- stop with massage gun

Over the years, many car accidents and many surgeries caused a lot of damage on my body, also depleted and nutrients having muscle spasms from all my injuries in the middle of the night being woken up with excruciating pain there’s nothing you can really do but to try to relax and go through the pain.

But if you have a percussion massager, sometimes you can actually stop your spasm by working the spasmed area gently with a percussion massager.

I woke up one 3 AM spasms in both my legs. Once I could get one to stop, then the other one would kick in excruciating pain. Fortunately, my percussion massager was on my nightstand; I didn’t know what to do. The pain woke me up out of my sleep. I would try anything. I grabbed my percussion massager off the nightstand and turned it on, and just put it on the spazzing muscle did not know if this would make it worse, but not nothing could be as wrong as what I was going through.

It hurt even more to use the percussion massager, so I worked around the spasm area until it calms down enough for me actually to perform the spasm itself. Within a few minutes, I was able to stop my muscle spasms with a percussion massager. Usually, I would think a massage would not help a muscle spasm, but it did for me in this case. Using a percussion massager before you go to bed or before you have the muscle spasms would be ideal for preventing muscle spasms in the first place.

Are Muscle Guns Worth It

The question of our massage guns worth it. I would’ve paid $1000 for a massage gun that morning to stop my muscle spasm. But in all seriousness, they are worth every penny you spend on them if you’re dealing with any chronic pain, soreness, or inflammation. You can spend anywhere from $50-$600. I recommend spending 100 and above dollars. If you go cheaper, you’re not getting an excellent massage gun. If you have the money, I will buy a Thera gun hyper volt or a Tim Tam, but if you’re on a budget, then I would go with Bob and Brad’s percussion massager or an Achaway massager
Best Massage Gun

I’ll link to the cheaper massages here

Hypervolt Massage Gun

Hyper volt I asked one of the best massage guns on the market. It’s one of the most durable Ones of the most powerful stall strengths. Stall Strength yes, 60 pounds per square inch is a lot of pressure that you can apply.
Massage Gun Disadvantages

I’ll link to a full article here about all the disadvantages of a massage gun. There are many things that I massage gun cannot do that foam rolling stretching, and a hired professional massage therapist can do. The disadvantages definitely don’t outweigh the benefits, but I am massage gun could not be right for you depending on what you need.

Massage Gun On Stomach

Use a percussion massager on your stomach at a slower speed. I would be careful because your organs are right underneath your stomach. You could cause some issues with knocking kidney stones or liver stones loss. But for most healthy people, light use on the stomach abdomen area will be just fine

I also talked about this in another post. If you were pregnant, I would not use a percussion massager on your stomach. But if you had sore abs, you could Use a percussion massager on your stomach at a slower speed. I would be careful because your organs are right underneath your stomach. You could cause some issues with knocking kidney stones or liver stones loss. But for most healthy people, light use on the stomach abdomen area will be just fine

Massage Gun Pros And Cons

Bod And Brad
  1. Pros
  2. speed 15 minutes you can perform a full-body percussion massage much faster than other massages.
  3. Convenience you can Almost use percussion massager anywhere.
  4. you can get into areas like sciatic nerve pain better with a percussion massager than other forms of massage.
  1. Cons
    The initial investment can be a little expensive on the cheaper massagers at $100 is still a pretty big investment for me.
  2. percussion massage is a vertical massage therefore you don’t get the mass volume blood flow on a horizontal massage.
  3. some parts of the body are hard to reach with the percussion massager by yourself.

Massage Gun Techniques

My massage technique has to work the muscle vertically and horizontally, not to stay working in a Linyard fashion. That way, you can properly break up the muscle fibers for recovery.

As you work the muscle in all directions, you’ll find tender areas spend a little bit more time until the tenderness works its way out, then move on. As you do this over time, you’ll get to know your body and no the weak areas and sore areas that you can come back to and continue to work on them.

Other techniques can come down to the percussion massager tip. If you’re trying to work on sciatic nerve pain, the pointer tip is better to get deep into the body’s hip. If you’re working on a more tendered, softer area of the body, you can use more of the round foam percussion tip.

There is not a lot of technology needed to use a percussion massager. It pretty much does the technique. All you need to do is work the muscle back-and-forth until you find tender areas stay a little longer and release the trigger points’ pain.

And all types of massage, the idea is to get blood flow and circulation to damaged areas. Blood is our healer caring for nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to damaged cells to rebuild, so as long as you’re moving the purple massager in all directions keeping in mind just trying to get that blood flow is what will increase your recovery time.

What Is The Best Muscle Massage Gun

There are several really good percussion massager‘s I couldn’t say that there is the best one!

but in my opinion there are three best ones that would be.

  • Hyper volt for their durability and star strength
  • Tim Tam for their stroke with length and adjustability
  • Thera gun for their high-end motors

With percussion massager’s you get what you pay to get a really good massage or under $150 to do anything you want to do. But when you step up to the four and $500 range, these things are Cadillacs. They have some of the latest and greatest features, and they are stronger massagers. Their batteries last longer, their attachments are better in a lot of third positioning to reach certain areas are better than any other smaller Massagers.


Technique with a percussion massager is straightforward, and you will develop your own technique over time. Everybody is different and has different needs, so as you get more experience with your percussion massager, you’ll find new ways to reach your trigger-points and your tender and sore areas better. The main technique a focus is to move blood is our healer that carries nutrients to the damaged cells of our body, so as long as you keep in mind just to move blood flow, you will get the most benefit out of your percussion massage and any massage, in general, it’s all about blood flow!

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