Bad Happing & Greatest Blessings

After several car accidents, multiple surgeries sporting accidents, basically a complete 15 years of one physical trauma after another, reaching my mid-life inflammation pain scar tissue inflammatory responses, preventing me from having the quality of life that I desired.

Knowledge Is Power

 The obsession of research begins with the food diet and exercise the right exercise, but even then, you caused damage, and you’ll need to work out the inflammation and soreness with massage therapy. Paying for massages can be very expensive, especially regularly.

My Pain Your Gain

 This site was inspired by my trial and error pain and suffering not having the money to pay for massage therapy having to also rely on my own body tools and massage tools nobody knows what you’re feeling or your body like yourself anyways you can be a better masseuse to your body then somebody else who doesn’t know exactly what you’re feeling where you’re feeling it.

Save Your Money

 The idea of budget massager came with finding economic and cheaper massage tools for the body. Yes, there are massage tools well over the $500 mark, which is not practical for most people. If you can afford a $500 massage tool, then you can afford massages.

400.00 Plus Body Tool?

 I was in the position where I could not afford a $500 massage tool, nor would I want to, even if I was financially capable of that type of expense.

 I found plenty of economic massage equipment tools to get the job done well under a  tight budget on this journey.

 Some tools can be homemade. Hopefully, later, I will create some videos on making homemade massage therapy tools for the people who have no other options. It’s how I started.

One free tool could be anything hard and round that you can roll on. It could be too much for the first time of rolling. If you have an old wooden baseball bat, you can use it as a roller.

Free Body Tools Self Massage

Haha, or even if you have an old dough roller with two handles as perfect, you can roll out your quads and calves with it. Those ideas are some of the free options you can start with things lying around your house.

 But as time goes on I dove deeper into other foam rollers and back rollers some things you can’t reach certain areas and eventually I started getting into the body massage tools that are powered by a battery these massage tools can get extremely expensive but I found some cheap ones that have been holding up very nicely so I will deriding some product reviews on them they can reach places that you can’t reach with manual tools LOL plus they are a munch easier tool to use you don’t have to work I got to a point where it was more work than I wanted to do you can turn on one of these power tools and hold it over the tendered area and let it do the work for you that is the main goal for this site to help people find ways to use these and find one that works for them and doesn’t break the bank it angered me when I seen how expensive these tools are and I was scared to try the cheaper ones that they would be no good and break but so far I found a couple good ones that were under $100 price point.

Buying Through Me!

 Affiliate disclaimer, if you purchase through any of my links, I will get a small Commission to thank you ahead of time. If you’ve already done so the money that I earn, I’m just going to put it back. 

Into the site for more material and educational free material on massage therapy.

Massage Tip

 One quick tip that is probably the best one is muscle fibers’ idea and their direction. You want to go not with the muscle fibers and not against the muscle fibers but vertically from the muscle fibers and naturally break them. You think you want to rub the muscle and a way that usually accompanies the fibers, which is not the healthiest or the most recoverable way to massage muscle tissue that I found out.

 No, to know which way the muscle fibers run whatever muscle that is bothering you or body part Google that muscle or body part and lookup Anatomy fiber muscle and you can look closely and usually in the Google pictures will show you Anatomy muscle fiber Direction from there you can get an idea of which way the fibers run and when you work on that area work across the fiber not with the fiber long a gated the fiber work over the top of the fiber vertically there for you will be breaking up the damaged fiber optimally will give you the fastest recovery time thanks for checking out my site if you have any more questions feel free to contact me below have a wonderful day. I hope if your muscles are sore now, you will get them back in shape soon!