TimTam Power Massager Pro – Pocket Power Massager Lineup

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TimTam Percussion Massagers Lineup

  • TimTam Pro
  • TimTam
  • TimTam PowerMassager

TimTam Power Massager Pro

TimTam Pro Massager
TimTam Pro

TimTam Percussion Massagers are some of my favorite percussion Massagers due to their power and percussion stall strength. Some cheap Massagers, if you push hard, lose their percussion, and even some of the high-end massagers only have so much stall strength TimTam pro star strength is the highest out there at 75 pounds. Normally you would never need this much.

But these gowns were designed for impact athletes like MMA and UFC fighters haha these guys are used to getting hit harder and a lot harder than that, so they need something very powerful to make any difference at all when it comes to a percussion massage most other percussion massager‘s are just too weak to do anything for these athletes.

Back Side Of TimTam Pro Massage Gun
Back Side Of TimTam Pro

TimTam pro also has a heated tip that is unique to any other percussion massager heat will relax your muscles and give you a quicker recovery time. It’s very nice to use on a pulled muscle at a very low speed which the percussion can be adjusted all way down to 5 pounds. A lot of percussion massagers don’t have this adjustment. With a pulled muscle, most percussion massagers you wouldn’t be able to touch it, but with a TimTam Pro, you can turn the machine all the way down, install the heated tip and work on a pulled muscle lately for the best recovery.

Another amazing future that most other massagers don’t have either is there a re-changeable chargeable battery. It is so nice to have a second battery often times I’ve run out of charge on other percussion massagers, and I was not finished kind of irritated me. Still, I would have to put the percussion massager on a charger and wait normally. I wouldn’t even go back to it until the next day.

Top 3 Percussion Massager Stroke Length

TimTam pro chrome tip massage gun
TimTam Pro Chrome Steel Tip Used For Deep Trigger Point Release

I never really thought about how much of an inconvenience that was but with a TimTam, you get two battery packs. When one goes dead, you pop the other one in and go on. Battery packs do go bad. Another great thing to keep in mind is when other percussion massagers do not have a changeable battery pack when that battery pack goes dead. The whole machine is dead because they’re not interchangeable. With a TimTam pro, we will never have that problem. I haven’t heard of anyone having the battery pack go bad yet, but I’m sure there is a certain lifespan on these. Once you use them enough, you can eventually need a new one, and when you do, you just buy a spare, and you’re back to percussion massaging.

All 3 TimTam Massager Gun Models
All 3 TimTam Massager Gun Models

TimTam First Model

TimTam Massager

The first model of the Tim Tam percussion massager there’s a really great percussion massager. It is a little louder than most percussion Massagers, and it doesn’t have the extra tips like the heated tip with the Tim Tam pro. Still, it does have the owner changeable batteries, which are nice to get through the TSA. If you want to fly with a percussion massager, you have to have removable batteries, which many percussion massagers cannot do.

It is still a very powerful massager and will get deep into the tissue better than most install strength on it is so powerful most likely you could never push hard enough to stall it out I’ve used some cheap percussion massager‘s. They could not be pushed on very much or otherwise, they just turned into a vibration gun, and they would lose their percussion.

That’s the biggest benefit of buying a high-end percussion massager as you’re getting a tool that is going to work all the time and not have the weak points like battery length stroke link and percussion star strength, which is one of the most important that is the whole point of the percussion massage is to give a percussion if you want a vibration massage then you can buy a vibrating massager, and that’s what some of the cheaper percussion massager‘s can turn into.

TimTam Power Massager Light Handheld

TimTam little handheld power massager
TimTam Power Massager

The power massager that was designed for the traveler athlete needing to work on yourself on the road or in the hotel room am I there’s a lot of awesome features about this little massager it is one of the most powerful first massagers in its class of the lightweight travel percussion massager the nice thing about it as you can still use the heated tip like The one that comes with the Tim Tam pro with the three different temperature settings the other nice future as all the Tim Tam attachments will fit in this little Massagers so you can use the trigger point tips and work on that deeper trigger point release is that you need.

One of the unique features and one thing I love about Tam-tam everyone of their tools as something to offer that no other percussion massager does this massager has a sensor on setting five is a pressure sensor normally if you want more pressure you have to pull the massager off to you and up the setting, there are three power settings and then a fourth setting the 4 works like this.

You can be massaging along the muscle with the fourth set on all four lights will be flashing. As you find an area that is Tight that you want to ply more Massager RPM, all you do is push a little bit harder against your body, and the massager will automatically speed up with more power, and as you lead off, it will go down and power. The big benefit with this as you’re able to work on tender areas with more or less RPM, depending on how much you need. This is a little compact percussion massager. It is not a replacement for the bigger Massagers, but it is a convenience of carrying and compact ability when you’re on the road. But mostly for your big quads and your glutes, when you need more power, you’re going to want to go with the TimTam pro.

TimTam Power Massager Pro With Heat Infusion

TimTam heated tip levels-80.0 degrees-98.6 degrees-115.0 degrees
TimTam heat levels

The heated tip for the TimTam Pro it’s pretty amazing and unique. Out of all percussion massager‘s that I’ve ever been made, the tip has three settings if the intensity

  • 80°
  • 98.6°
  • 115°
TimTam Heated Tip

When you’re working with a pulled muscle, but a heated tip does an amazing job to relax, I tore her pool muscle and still get a percussion and massage session and really can speed up your recovery at the highest setting and 115° it gets very warm. You can warm up the muscle very quickly. Some people actually like to use this before a workout session on a low speed with the heat to use it as a warm-up Routine before getting into some heavy lifting.

When doing this, you are going to activate the muscle and get the blood flow moving before you actually perform a lift. This could prevent injury and give you more performance on your lifts.

Keep in mind not to overdo it. Doing a deep percussion massage thoroughly before a heavy lift or exercising would reduce your performance. Like any massage, you are tearing the muscle fibers on a deep tissue massage, and you are causing a type of damage in a good way that will promote healing. But for a warm-up session, just a few minutes per muscle group on a low speed with light pressure will give you a nice warm-up helping to prevent any injuries but to loosen up stiff muscles before you do your next heavy lift.

Is Timtam Massage Gun Safe To Use?

timtam massage gun on lady leg

TimTam percussion massagers are one of the most powerful and strongest stall strength and stroke length percussion massagers ever made. This doesn’t make them any more dangerous or unsafe than any other percussion massager. But this advice here goes for anyone going to use a percussion massager and really massage in general could be dangerous for you, especially if you’re prone to blood clots could be one of the most dangerous things is to perform a massage or get a massage and cause bruising or blood clotting or releasing an old blood clot so if you’re prone to blood clots or if you have any cardiovascular issues you would want to talk to a doctor before you ever get any massage or do any massage to yourself but for most healthy people without any complications or not taking any meds you will be fine.

Different medicines could be concerned before getting any type of massage, especially blood thinners or anti-anti-clotting medications that deal with the blood so make sure you have a check-up with the doctor before you get into percussion massage wrote more in-depth article on the dangers of percussion massager‘s here.

Is The TimTam Massager Worth It?

unboxing Timtam massage gun
TimTam Pro

I hear this question a lot, and it could be answered. It depends, but I hate when I hear that too. So I tell people to have a percussion massager as worth every penny you spend on it. I waited on buying my first percussion massager for a very long time, and I regret waiting now. This is why I recommend starting with a cheaper percussion massager to see if it works well for you and you like it before you go and buy something like a Tim Tam that is several hundred dollars. Most people don’t need a Tim Tam percussion massager. They are really the toughest, most powerful list percussion massager‘s out. There plenty of other massagers that will do what a Tim Tam will do. For the most part, the Timtam is just so powerful and has some unique features TimTam.

So if you are in an impact sport, even football, especially MMA or boxing TimTam is worth every dime. It would deliver an impact that other percussion massagers will not be for somebody in a hard sport, especially an impact sport. It would help if you had something to give you deep massage with a lot of power and versatility, and you’re not going to find anything else quite like the Tim Tam. From its heated tip, removable batteries, and adjustable percussion arm, there’s nothing else I would buy if I were in an impact sport.

But I would not buy a TimTam for my first massager unless you have a lot of money, and $500 is not a lot of money to you, then go for it, but if you are an average Joe that plays some weekend sports. You’re just warning a percussion massager for a little extra recovery. Then I would go with something cheaper. Still, if you want something with the most power and punch in the deepest percussion stroke, and that’s kind of where I was a few months ago, then you’re not going to find anything quite like the Tim jam it is made to be the strongest deepest percussion massager ever.

TimTam Power Massager Reviews

TimTam Pro massager gun
TimTam Pro

There are a lot of percussion massagers out there, and you can read the reviews on amazon.com and TimTams website, and you’ll see that the reviews are very good. You always have a couple of people here or there who don’t like it, but my personal review is five stars. There’s nothing bad to say about the Tim Tam percussion massager if I had to pick a negative as I would say that it could be too much for somebody, but there again, you can Josh the strength on the percussion all the way down to 5 pounds versus its max at 75 so technically it could not be too much for somebody it just could be more than you’ll ever need for most average people a cheaper percussion massager will work just fine.

TimTam Power Massager Vs Theragun

TimTim versus Thera gun

The power seems to be about the same Thera gun Vs. TimTam. Thera gun is a little bit louder. The battery life does not last as long as TimTam. Thera gun is a very nice percussion massager. Still, if I had to choose between the two, I would choose a TimTam it is a little bit of a biased choice because I am into MMA wrestling and UFC fighting, and the Tim Tam was mainly designed for the higher intensity impact sports Thera gun will do pretty much everything you wanted to do it does not have some of the unique things that Tim Tam offers but if I had to give a star rating I would give Thera gun at 4.5 stars. I would give TimTam a 5 star.

Timtam Vs Hypervolt

timtam pro massager gun specifications  infographic

A hyper volt is an amazing machine, one of the toughest, but people have used them for a year, and they tend to get a little noisy once they have some miles on them. They have a patented sensor percussion system unique to them that’s supposed to deliver a better-censored percussion massager. It’s self-calibrating. But other than that, it is a basic massager with three-speed settings and some percussion head attachments. I like the Tim Tams attachments better. The trigger point attachment will really get into areas that no other attachment I have ever seen on any other percussion massager and then TimTams heated tip as something that nobody else has either. The power that Tim Tam puts out is more than you’ll ever need.

Timtam Vs Kraft Gun

TimTam Release Trigger Point Ball
TimTam Trigger Release Point Ball

Craft gun is a decent percussion massager, pretty powerful for its class and price compared to the Tim Tam. I would be rated at a 3.5 star versus the TimTam at 5 stars. The craft gun is pretty basic and is not as powerful as the TimTam and does not have the stall strength, or the RPM that’s in town nearly doubles in all these areas.

Timtam Vs Theragun Reddit

TimTam red Heated Tip-Black tip-Bigger Gray tip
TimTam red Heated Tip

Please don’t take my word for all this Reddit has Nice threads. They call them where the people vote up what is the best percussion Massagers. There’s a thread on TimTam versus Thera gun on Reddit. You’ll be able to see what other people think. I voted on the percussion Massagers always. I wouldn’t say I like to take I blog or website or even a YouTube video. Its entirety to be the gospel. Some people will say thanks to just please somebody somewhere, but on Reddit, you have hundreds of people’s opinions on one thing, and when you see an opinion that the majority has most of the time, that’s the truth. You can go by that. Here’s a link to the Reddit thread on TimTam.


TimTam attachments

I really love TimTams products. I really love their core beliefs and fundamentals. They really have upped the game for the percussion massager‘s really set the bar high the fact that they are designed for one of the most extreme athletes in the world and the impact sports if you’re going to impress these athletes, you’re going to have to have an excellent product. I believe TimTam hit the bar pretty high on all the key points that you would be looking for in a percussion massager it will be interesting to see them try to top the products they have now. At some point, somethings can’t get any better.

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