10 Disadvantages Of Percussion Massagers

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1 # Price, But I Have A Way Around That

The biggest downfall of a massage gun is they’re very expensive, at least the high-end versions are. One of the reasons for this website is to help people find more budget-friendly massage guns. But at the end of the day, some cheaper massage guns do just as good as the high-end $600 version massage guns. Sometimes you’re just paying for the name. Sometimes, there is quality and durability that you’ll get from a higher-end massage gun that a cheaper massage gun will not provide. Still, if money stops you from the benefits of a massage gun percussion massage, that should not be the case when you can get the same functionality with some of the cheaper models. But even so, once you make the initial purchase and own the machine, it’s cheaper in a sense when hiring a professional massage therapist once a week. Once you have the percussion massager, you could get a massage once a day, and it doesn’t cost you any more.

I posted here about one of the best budget massage guns.

2 # Performing It On Yourself There Are Some Tricks

If you’re buying a massage gun, that means you’re not hiring somebody to perform this massage, usually at least in my case. It is tough to use a percussion massager on certain parts of your back body by yourself in the shoulder blades, and even the lower back can be hard to reach. And when you’re straining to reach these areas, you can pull more muscles as I have strained another muscle trying to release a different muscle. Now, that’s Counterproductive percussion massaging, not our goal. There are some better ways to percussion massage to reach hard-to-reach areas. One time, I tied my percussion massager to a chair and sat in the chair, and just moved my shoulder to the needed location. It was amazing! But if you have somebody who can run the percussion massager for you. There’s more benefit to relax everything and let the percussion massager do the work.

I posted to hear about ways to position your percussion massager by yourself.

3 # Noise

Some of these percussion massagers are very noisy, almost as loud as a kitchen blender. So running one of these percussion massagers as somebody sleeping is probably not going to work out. Even if somebody is sleeping in the other room, you can easily hear one of these Machines pounding away from a couple of rooms away. Some of the high-end ones are pretty quiet, but there are a couple of high-end ones. Some are of the loudest. The noise never seems to bother me, and I had never needed to use it when somebody was trying to sleep. Still, it’s something to keep in mind if you’re in a living situation that you need not be able not to disturb other people. These machines could be very disturbing.

The quietest is probably Theragun with hyper volt as a runner-up.

4 # Causing Physical Pain

These percussion massagers are very powerful machines. They are not toys. They are tools, and not too long ago, the only way to get one is you would have to of been a licensed chiropractor. Now they’re deemed safe enough for the general public.

 Disadvantages of a percussion massager, especially when you compare it to a hired professional massage, can work around joints and work on tendons and ligaments where a percussion massager could never do you safely.  

5 # Percussion Massage Is Not Always The Best

Percussion massager’s only massaging one way, and that is with percussion. Not all recovery plans and not all injuries are suitable for a percussion massage and sometimes worse in the injured area. Are use a percussion massager a couple of times a week, and I will always use one, but by no means will it be my only when I’m in recovery. It has its place, just like running versus hiking, heavy weight lifting versus bodybuilding. Foam rolling and stretching can do things that I percussion massager cannot, and I percussion massager can do things that the foam rolling and stretching cannot they all have their own place but to think that I percussion massager will be the end on to all recovery methods well not be the case. Percussion massagers are perfect for warm-ups. You can stimulate a muscle before you even start working out. I was beating it up a little bit, getting some blood flow to the area. But if you have a torn tendon or ligament, percussion massage will not be a good idea for most people. A static or a foam rolling massage could bring a slower massage, better results for certain types of injuries, and fresh new injuries.

6 # Blood Flow 

A hand massage flows blood better. One disadvantage is how a percussion gun does the massages, even though it is very versatile and very beneficial, especially in certain situations. The downside of the vertical percussion massage is the motion that it performs vertically and not horizontally as a deep tissue hand perform massage is done. They both have significant benefits, but a hand massage or foam rolling massage will outperform a percussion massage for specific injuries or recovery. Percussion massage moves tissue and a vertical way when a hand massage or foam rolling is more of a horizontal massage. The extra benefits of a horizontal flowing massage are the blood flow that you’re distracting from point a to point B. When you’re getting a massage like this, you’re picking up nutrients and flushing out toxins and dead cells along the way. This could depend on the type of injury to give you a quicker and deeper recovery. This is just something to keep in mind. You may want to experiment with yourself to see how your body responds better to either a horizontal percussion massage or even a vertical static massage. There is really no limit to the type of massage that can be done, but with experience and practice, you’ll find out that some massage I am techniques may result in better results.

7 # Nerve Damage?

If you have experienced nerve damage in the past and even if a message has helped you, a percussion massager might be something to avoid altogether. Percussion massage could irritate the nervous system or the damaged nerves and caused you some serious discomfort and pain later. Even during using a percussion massager, and could feel better, and then later with the nerve damage you already have, you could begin to feel some neural pathway Beginning to sting and burn or shooting sciatic pain could get inflamed from using a percussion massager. I have dealt with both extreme nerve pain that left me bedridden and mild nerve pain, and with a percussion massager sometimes it can help the more mild nerve pain, but I have had it causes me a lot of pain that was almost unbearable you can somewhat disturb a hornet’s nest with a percussion massager if you’ve experienced a major accident or have had some major nerve pain in the past use a percussion with caution if you think you have or had nerve damage in the past go lightly on this area for only one minute and see how you feel for the next couple days then you can increase the density and the time as long as you’re feeling no discomfort the next day. Nerve pain is no joke and is one of the most crippling pains that a person can deal with. The nervous system is very sensitive. These percussion massagers can run as high as 3000 RPM, and that is a lot of nervous system stimulant to one square inch area at a time. Still, most people who have never suffered any neurological or neural pathway injuries or deteriorations will never be bothered by this type of massage.

8 # Recommended Time Of Use

I put this one on there because I think a lot of people will not like the recommendation. It is recommended to only use a percussion massager for 1 to 2 minutes per muscle group in a full-body within 15 minutes.

I like to get a message when I pay somebody at least an hour or longer, but with a percussion massager, you can Easley feel like you could go much longer than 15 minutes, but this is why this is recommended not to exceed. These machines are very powerful, putting nearly as much as 60 pounds per square inch and moving at 3000 RPM. You could never put this much pressure at this much volume on your body without a machine like this. even though that it feels so good and there’s no real discomfort, you can break down the body very quickly, and you can cause scar tissue athletes have done this by overtraining and overstretching the body. But you could do this with a percussion massager and not notice it until you’ve done too much, so if you stick to the recommended time, you’ll be fine to avoid over-massage. LOL, I didn’t think that was possible, but it is. Whenever you exercise and get a massage, you are causing little micro-tears in the muscle fibers, tendons, and ligaments even when you do stretching. This is good on a small level and activates the body’s recovery system to restore the damaged cells. But if this is done and excess scar tissue will build-up, and even though massaging and stretching being performed, these cells and parts of the body that have scar tissue will not regenerate as quickly, and long-term scar tissue can eventually become permanent. To put it in perspective, if you’ve ever cut your skin and then add scarred later, most people have scars on their body that were from an injury that happened years ago, maybe even decades ago. That is the visual scarring process that you can see on your body, but the same can happen internally on organs, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. You can’t see inside your body where the scar tissue builds up, but they’re all the same from excessive damage that the body could not regenerate quickly enough, so scar tissue was the last resort of survival of the cells in this area.

9 # Physically Challenging To Use

A percussion massager using it can be straining for some people. If you ever used back in the day the old handheld blender‘s to mash up your taters, LOL, they could kind of whip around a little bit, and your wrist could get a little sore, or you could cramp a little in your forearm. Now percussion massager doesn’t whip around a lot. Still, it does vibrate, and some of them are kind of heavy considering and holding the percussion massager, especially on the back body and other places, can cause some straining love your neck and forearm leaning to perform the massage on yourself. For certain areas, it’s good to prop up the massage gun in between a couch or some pillows and just relax and lean against the massager. But my percussion massager can strain you to use in some cases, but for the most part, you shouldn’t be using it long enough to have this problem. Only a 15-minute session should be enough time to do the entire body anymore that you can overwork your muscle groups. 

10 # Conclusion

I hope that helps guide you and make the right decision when it comes to percussion massage. The takeaway from all this doesn’t work over massage, and don’t use a percussion massager on damaged areas like nerve damage and bruising, and you’ll be fine. The other thing is to start with a more budget percussion massager. You can pick up a high-quality massager for just around $100. There’s no need to spend five or $600 on one of these top and models. Less if you are the person that is going be using a percussion massager every day as an athlete. Or maybe if you want the top of the line and $600 is not a big expense for you, then go for it! I would buy one if that were my case, but $600 that’s a lot of money for me at one time, so I started with a cheaper massager, and I went too cheap, which is why I recommend sticking with the price point around 100 dollar ranges.