How To Reach Your Back And Neck With A Percussion Massager

Hands Free Ideas For Self Massaging

When I first started using a percussion massager, I found it difficult to reach many parts of my back body in the areas I needed the most. It took me over a year to learn all these massaging tips listed below. You can use an attachment to hold the massager for hands-free massaging with your percussion massagers. Some percussion massager company exclusively make attachments for their percussion massager. There are quite a few little hacks that you can do yourself, like using a door frame attachment or a couch.

 I’ll detail all the options you can do as well attachments that you can buy for hands-free percussion massaging. To reach the place you can not reach on your own.

List of options to reach your neck and back with a percussion massager by yourself

  • Using hey couch or other room objects to pin the massager
  •  purchasing attachments to hold the massager
  • door frame holding the massager
  • Ways to handheld massager reaching hard-to-reach areas 

Massager attachments for hand-free massaging

Tim Tam makes a nice attachment that can go into a squat rack and hold the percussion massager very tight in a vice-like grip to help you get deep into the back tissue.

 Massage mounts are convenient. Some are made out of a polymer plastic summer made out of a high Construction aluminum Mount and can hold a massage gun with a 2in diameter handle.

There are different options. Some bolt into a squat rack, which is not something everyone has access to if you are in the gym a lot, this is great.

 For people who are just at home, they have some door frame attachments. And advise attachment that can be attached to a kitchen table door frame or any object you want to fix it to that fits and the vice.

The first attachment I used was a carpentry tool Vice clamp. I just took the clamp and clamped the percussion massager between the door frame and the clamp. 

I don’t recommend doing this. You could damage your massager, but it worked well at the moment that I needed it.

 Once you have your massager fixed in place with a vice or clamp whichever device you’re using, then what you want to do is lean against the massager and just use your legs and move your back up and down into the back body where you’re trying to massage.

 Position of massager  Middle Ground hight that way you have a distance to move up and down imposition the massager where you need it.

 There would be other options if you got a nice fluffy cushion couch. You can stuff the massager on the couch, sit on the floor, and move around your body in the same way to massage your back handsfree.

 Here’s a video By best massager Tech.. what’s some useful tips on how to massage hand free! for free haha

Massaging tips to hand free  percussion massage

 YouTube videos on how to  holding a massage gun

YouTube, some of the best videos on and free percussion massaging here, ‘s my top list channels to watch

How do you use a massage gun on your own back?

I was disappointed that I had this wonderful massage tool but could not reach most parts of my back.  Over time of research, I discovered there are many options you can do. So I listed everything here that I can think of. Really you can get a little creative on your own for free you can take a chair, preferably wicker back chair or an old wooden chair with Peg with a wooden back. Depending on your massage gun, wedge it into the chair safely. You can protect the messenger with a piece of material, a rolled-up towel, preferably. You can use a little bungee cable or even a bathrobe strap like I did, haha  Fasten snuggly into your chair, turn on your machine, and place your back against it, roll your shoulders, and the direction that you want to work the massage machine, and Wawa!

How do you use a percussion massage gun on your back?

Hands free ideas for self massaging
Pictures massage gun to chair

 Whether you’re using a vise type attachment or strapping your massage gun to a chair to work on your lower back, You can position the percussion massager lower to work on your lower back and hire to work on your upper back.

If you have a hard time reaching your lower back, this is an option. Just put the massage gone at the lower part of the chair or wedged in a lower part of the couch or lower it on a door frame with a vise apparatus.

It is much more relaxing to fix your percussion massager and just sit there and let it pound away on your back and just casually shifting your body into another Direction to get the massage you’re looking for.

 I can just sit here for an hour and just let this percussion massager do all the work. It is a lot of work to hold the massager and apply the right amount of pressure by yourself.

 With a fixed massager, you can relax the shoulders And let it do all the work. I find this to be the most enjoyable percussion massaging I’ve ever done by myself.

 You don’t realize how much you’re tensing up other muscles when you’re running the massager with one arm and trying to reach another area o your body. You cannot fully and completely relax all your muscles and get the most benefit out of your percussion massage session.

How do you use a theragun on your back?

TimTam Sells squat rack mount that you can use. 

Sells a door frame Mount that will hold almost any percussion massager

Works well in a door jam mount or TimTam mount. you can find a Door Jam mount At

 You can use either one of these mounts on a Theragun to massage your back body. It is hard to reach sometimes parts of your back, and you have to strain to reach some areas, which is not what we’re trying to do. Straining more muscle with a massager mount, you’re able to relax better and hands-free massage your back body and release all the tight muscles. The back seems to be one of the biggest areas that people struggle with getting the proper tools can really improve your recovery sessions. 

How do you use a massage gun on your Neck

Strapping your percussion massager to the highest point on the back of your wooden chair has worked best for me. Massaging my neck hands-free.  The next best option is the adjustable Flex Vice massage gun holder. You can advise a table or countertop and adjust the massage gun in any direction, then all you have to do is move your neck around to work in different areas. It is absolutely amazing to be able to relax everything and let the massager do the work.

How do you use a massage gun on your upper back?

Hands Free Back Body Massageing

My absolute favorite way to work on my upper back with a percussion massager is to use a high back wooden chair.

 Like in the pictures above, fix the percussion massager in the height that I need to sit down, rotate the shoulders, lose the back and forth finding the little muscle trigger points, and release them.

 I found that when I use my arm to hold the percussion massager, I tense up my back even more, and I make it harder for the muscle triggers and the knots to release

 When I use a chair or a door frame, I’m able to drop my shoulders. Both arms and hands relax the muscles in the shoulder and just get right on that trigger point until it releases

 it’s such an amazing experience to relax your back and release these trigger points for some people they may not have extreme back problems like me

 but my back problems are extreme to the point where I would not be able to hold a cup of coffee without excruciating pain

 Finding these ways to relax the upper back’s shoulders and releasing these muscle trigger points has been a real Lifesaver. Hopefully, these tips will help you as well. 

How do you use a massage gun on your lower back?

Hands free ideas for self massaging

There are a couple of different methods to massage your lower back. For me, it was hard to reach, and so I use some of the recommendations above in this post on holding a percussion massager for hands-free percussion massaging.

 but for some people, you can do a reverse grip on the massager and run it along your lower back, massaging your lower back muscles

 Try to stay away from your spine. You don’t really want to be bouncing the percussion massager off your tailbone or your spine bone.

 there are different attachments I like using the foam round ball that’s in the picture with my percussion massager strapped to the chair

 The round ball percussion is nice for the lower back when you’re working close to the spine. It is not as harsh when you hit bone with a percussion massager

 there are a bunch of videos on YouTube then I would refer you to look at a couple of these channels on lower back massaging percussion massager

Recap there is a lot of different ways you can massage your back body. Some of my favorites are using a chair and strapping your percussion massager to it using door frame attachments are handy for the upper body.

 When you’re standing up rather than sitting in a chair, you’re able to move a little more freely to massage your upper back. Then you would sit down.

 sitting down is more comfortable to massage, but you lose some of the mobility to move your body around with a percussion massager

 Since the percussion massager is fixed in one location, you have to move your body in different locations in positions to get the massage your typing to achieve.

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