Best Affordable Percussion Massagers Under 100 Dollars

best percussion massagers under $100.00 Gun Infographic

When I first got into percussion messenger, I didn’t want to drop $500 on something I didn’t know whether I would like it or not. So I started with a cheaper massager. There are plenty of good massagers under 100 dollars.

What’s the best affordable percussion massager

I believe there is a thing such as too cheap, and that’s when you go under $50 on the percussion massagers. If you’re going to Purchase an affordable percussion massager, I recommend purchasing above $50, and when you go under $50, things get pretty cheap on the manufacturing end. 

Best cheaper percussion massager I will list here the best ones, but I found under $100

The best affordable massage comes this year will have to be my list here.

I bought my percussion massagers off of eBay. There are some downsides to the cheaper ones. I’ll list some complaints below.

  • Noise
  • Battery life
  • Percussion strength
  • Strokes length
  • Durability last ability

Don’t get too discouraged about that list. Something to keep in mind if you don’t have $500, buy a name brand like a TimTam or Thera gun. They’re just the best, and that’s the end of the story.

But if you’re like me, I am not willing to drop $500 on anything that I’ve never used before and don’t know if I’m going to like it or not and in that case you’re going to want to buy one on the cheaper versions of the scale.


All the cheaper guns are a lot noisier, but the noise is really not that big of a deal. I noticed after I used mine for over a year it did get louder, and it still works, but I think it’s lost some of its percussion power and maybe the whole machines a little bit more Rattle.

They definitely won’t last as long as the $500 ones, but I’ve been very happy with mine, and they have worked very well for me so much, so I will be buying a $500 one probably will buy a Theragun or a TimTam.

Percussion strength

The cheaper guns do not have the percussion strength as the high-end guns, but it is better than no percussion massager at all.

There have been nights I’ve woken up in so much pain that I cannot go to sleep and use my messenger to relax my spazzing muscles to get back to sleep.

I’ve had multiple surgeries and a couple of car wrecks the last car accident, I was crushed, broken my pelvis my back in four places, and so every day, I have to work on my body with yoga massage percussion message to keep moving.

Battery life

Battery life is another problem with the cheaper ones. They don’t last very long, but they last long enough for a couple of massage sessions, depending on the model you get. If you’re going to be traveling and you think you need longer battery life, make sure you look at the batterymmh

Battery size mmh

Because these cheaper massagers can go dead quickly.

That’s where the TimTam shines. It has replacement battery packs unlike anything on the market. If it runs that, you pop in a new battery pack and go.

This is also another nice perk because if the battery goes bad on any percussion massager, then the whole percussion massager is bad and will need to be replaced.

Stroke length

All of the cheap or percussion massagers have a small stroke Length.

 Stroke length is important to get the deep percussion hence the name percussion massager. You’re getting percussion, and the longer the stroke, the deeper the percussion.

 You want to be careful because some of these massagers have little to no percussion, and then it’s not a percussion massager anymore. It is just a vibration massage, which is not always a bad thing. It just depends if you’re trying to work on the deep tissue or outer tissue.

Save your money

I wanted you to know everything I didn’t know that I wish I did know when purchasing a cheaper massager.

 There are all the negatives, but that’s to be expected. It’s not always the case you get more for what you pay for, but you do a lot of times with a percussion massager now for the pros or the upside of a cheaper percussion massager.

Obviously, it’s price point the way I looked at it, I can buy five cheap percussion massager‘s to one high-end percussion massager, and it’s been over a year, and I’m still using one that I bought for $68. I definitely can feel that it’s got it’s where but for $68, I can buy many them and not get sick to my stomach, spending so much money.

Now, if you’re a high-performance athlete, yeah, don’t waste your time. It’s more like a tool for your profession to go buy at Timtam, a Thera gun or something along that line.

But for the average guys like me, you could still purchase a high-end one maybe one day I’d recommend if you’ve never had a percussion massager to buy a cheaper one off of Amazon or eBay or buy….

Bob and Brad percussion massager.

I talk to them about them in this post Here..

They got a very good and affordable percussion massager, and I would start there with something like that and see how you like it and see how it works for you and your body every one is different.

And if you see yourself using it a lot and it’s something that you want to invest more money and then sure go drop $500 on a percussion massager on the high-end scale.

Now I will say I kicked around buying one for about two or three months before I actually even spent the $68, and I regret waiting so long what it is done for my health is tremendously

I pay for massage therapy, but you can’t do that every day, and that’s at least $60 for one hour in most places, so the price of a $60 massager as the price of one deep tissue massage I guess I always try to way out and justify a purchase that’s my way of doing it haha.

Hopefully, my trial and error are helped you figure out whether you wanna purchase here are cheaper percussion massager. There’s a lot of downsides, but for many people like me, they’re very minimal for the actual benefit that you get from the machine itself!

Best massage guns on Amazon

Best massage guns on eBay or about the best massage guns eBay have them all I will list from the most expensive my opinion the best to the cheaper massagers.

Hyper volt massage gun

Hyper volt massage gun is in my top three best massage guns ever is probably one of the most durable massage guns, and the percussion does not lose his strength when you apply more pressure as some guns do on the cheaper scale.

Best massage guns 2020

Tam tam Thera gun and hyper volt are the runner up for 2020 for the best massage gun, and these guys will probably hold us for years to come. The technology that they put into these three is state of the art. I believe a lot of the NBA and NFL use these guns for their athletes a lot of impact sport fighters like using the Tamtam UFC and MMA.

Best affordable massage guns on eBay

I like making a lot of my purchases off of eBay for no real reason. It’s just a platform that I have used for a long time. Amazon and eBay have a lot of the same stuff you’re shipping times will be way quicker with AmazoneBay, they’re slower, but a lot of times you can get things cheaper, but I’ve seen it both ways Amazon cheaper than eBay, so always check their prices.