Percussion Massagers Work Better Than Other Massage Because

How Massage Guns Work Better

Do massage guns work? Yes, but maybe do things better than other massages and in other ways not as good as a hired Massage therapist that’s trained they know the body Anatomy nervous system and connective tissue. They’re able to work areas of the body in a way a massage gun can not. But even so, a massage gun can deliver a Percussion massage with vol. And speed that a human can never deliver. is

Does a massage gun work Yes!

  • Massage Gun Works better In A Different Way.
  •  Delivers More Volume In A Shorter Amount Of Time Of Percussion
  •  Massage Gun Benefits Volume Blood Flow


  •  Vertical Massage
  •  Painful Around Joints
  •  Hitting Nerves
  • Massage Positioning

Massage Guns Work Better In Some Ways

Percussion massager works tremendously well, especially for people who are short on time. They are much more effective in getting the results you need and just a few minutes. When foam rolling could take 20 or 30 minutes, you can get the same results within 5 minutes with a percussion massager. They really do work, but they work differently, and in some ways, they work better, and in other ways, they do not.

Keep in mind the name percussion massager you’re getting a vertical percussion the muscle is not being massaged like a massage therapist will or foam rolling. If you think about foam rolling and a human-implemented massage usually done without percussion or a static hold, sometimes that can be done, but most of the time, the muscle is usually squoze, the pressure applied, and then pushed through the rest of the tissue.

This works extremely well because you’re getting as blood flow through all the soft tissue, you’re pushing fresh blood with nutrients and amino acids letter of the building blocks of new cellular healing and growth. The benefits of a percussion massage are going to be getting that volume a percussion to one area that a human hand can’t really deliver. And foam rolling takes more time and more work to deliver that type of volume. You have to think some of these percussion massagers will run at 3000 RPM. If you took a foam roller like that, oh my, 3000 times up and down your leg within one minute, that would be a little extreme and probably not healthy.

To get the idea of the type of volume, these high-powered machines can put out, and this is where they deliver benefits that other things physically cannot.

But the disadvantages of a percussion massager one it’s usually in your own hands and not in a trained professional the trained professional masseuses and massage therapist, and even the chiropractor’s they’ve gone to school for years understanding anatomy where tendons and ligaments connect and most importantly the way the muscles flow.

Something to keep in mind when you’re running a percussion massager just Google Anatomy pictures and how the muscle you’re working on which way the muscle fibers flow and want to work across them horizontally not along with them vertically you can go both ways. Still, primarily you want to break up the fibers horizontally so they can rebuild back to their natural state.

Another disadvantage percussion massagers have is there any ability to reach certain muscles if you are using the head on your own sometimes, it is hard to reach certain areas. Thirdly you’re not going to get the blood flow like you will from a massage therapist starting from point A moving to point B.

This is why I recommend doing foam rolling as well as a percussion massage. Normally I would do a 30-minute foam rolling session.

Now I can do hey 15-minute percussion massage session and then do a 5-minute quick roll session, and I’ve gotten way more blood flow if I had done an hour of foam rolling.

Do massage guns work

Massage Gun Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage is the percussion massage when you compare it to a flowing massage or a foam rolling massage that delivers the biggest benefits of pushing the blood and mass volume through the muscle and soft tissue.

Percussion massagers only work on that one small square inch footprint. This is great and gives speedy results. Still, you’re not going to get the blood volume and nutrient delivery through all the tissue as a conventional masseuse can.

This is why I still get paid massages. I still use foam rolling. Still, percussion massagers can deliver something quicker and more accessible, and easier than other traditional massaging. The other disadvantage you cannot work around joints, and a hand massage, can or even a foam rolling or tennis ball percussion massagers are very powerful.

You can hurt tendons and Joint nerve endings if you’re not careful around joints. I never use my percussion massager around my joints, mainly stick to the larger muscle groups. Thirdly you can overwork a muscle with a percussion massager.

It is ideal to only use a percussion massager for up to two minutes on one muscle group and 15 minutes for the whole body. The problem with that is a lot of times. It would be best if you had more time to work the muscle fully.

Even though it is not recommended to go longer than 2 minutes per muscle group, you can miss some areas in your muscle. This is why I like to finish my muscle groups with foam rolling still cuts the time and strain down on foam rolling, and still, I feel like I speed up the entire recovery process.

Massage Gun benefits

 Percussion massager’s versatility compact ability to fit almost any schedule rates them far above any other type of Massage if you don’t have the time to get a 30 45-minute foam rolling session, and a percussion massager can do all that in 15 minutes. If you’re struggling with holding yourself on a foam roller or the intensity of foam rolling as just too much, a percussion massager is variable speed adjustments, and the ability of the machine to perform the massage makes it much more enjoyable and endurable.

I always found it easier for someone else to perform a massage on me than my own self. Often, the intensity of inflicting your own pain is harder to do yourself, haha, but when someone else is applying the pressure, it seems like I can take more pressure. I feel that this plays over with a percussion massager.

There’s only so much pressure that you would physically put yourself in with a foam roller or tennis ball. When using a percussion massager, you’ll feel more comfortable turning up the pressure to say, and at the end of your session, you’ll feel like you got a better faccia release than if you just used foam rolling.

Not to knock foam rolling completely out of your recovery plan, I like to compare them together, but I feel that I can go deeper with a percussion massager and go with a foam roller.

I don’t know if that’s weather I can take more pressure from the percussion massager than the foam roller or is the percussion massager actually delivering a deeper Massage, either way, the benefits of a percussion massager are endless the number one would be the comfortability self-performing a massage it’s hard to put it down when you’re massaging your traps, or even your IT band deliver such a nice relaxing consistent massage really there is nothing compared to it it is a type of massage that really cannot be delivered any other way without the mechanical ability of a percussion massager.

How A Massage Gun Works

Short answer percussion massager works as a vertical mechanical percussion pulsing vertically percussion massage has been done for thousands of years but not mechanically as far as I know. And this is why some people see results better than anything else.

I talked a lot about foam rolling and hired second-hand massage. These two massages and trigger point massage work in their own way but with a percussion Massage, you’re going deeper into the tissue instead of flowing with the tissue.

For high-performance athletes and people, especially bodybuilders with large mass muscle, other conventional massages are not going to get in there like a percussion massage. Percussion massage is a pinpoint massage directing all the force into a tiny footprint.

This has benefits of its own that are unique to percussion massage. Don’t get confused with vibrating massagers. They only work the skin, and it’s a vibration, and it may feel pleasant, but it is not going to release deep tissue, and that is what is unique to a percussion massager; hence the name percussion it is the percussion that makes at work the way that it does unlike anything else. 

Does The Massage Gun Really Work

Yes, percussion massagers really do work, and they work wonders better than some other massages. Some percussion massagers will not work as well as others for some people. And that has a lot to do with the stall strength of the massager and the millimeter stroke of the percussion massager.

Many percussion massagers, especially cheaper ones, turn into more of a vibrator than a percussion massage. The faster you turn the massage or up, the shorter the stroke becomes, and then the massager is really just an expensive vibrator.

I found this out with some cheaper percussion massagers actually delivered me a better massage on a lower speed than it did on a higher speed. The higher the speed on the cheaper models, then they lose their percussion strength and don’t go as deep as they can on a lower speed

Massage Gun Pros And Cons

  • Massage Gun Pros
  • Time-saving
  • compact travel
  • deep tissue
  • Almost effortless massage
  • volume percussion
  • Massage Gun Cons
  • Pricing
  • type of blood flow action
  • joint pain
  • nerve pinging
  • itching skin

Pros and cons of percussion massagers listed above I’ll go into more detail here. The biggest one is time-saving. They are very quick, and they are quicker than any other type of Massage. You can deliver much more of an impact than would be comfortable on any other type of Massage, giving you faster results.

In most cases, you can reach deep tissue that otherwise would be very painful or not even possible with certain types of massages. Volume massage also goes with the time-saving. You’re able to do more volume per muscle group than when you use hand massage or foam rolling, or trigger point releasing. Even they are a slower type of release.

It’s really a 10 to 1 muscle release when using a percussion massager.
The biggest con for me was the price. It’s why I started with a cheap percussion massager, and that’s why I recommend not going too cheap on a percussion massager that could be a hazard.

Some of these massagers can overheat and Catch Fire. Another disadvantage would be the type of blood flow action you’re getting is only a vertical percussion, which is good, but it’s not the type of blood flow you can get from a hand massage for foam rolling. This is why I still foam roll. There’s a big disadvantage working around joints. If you’re not careful, you can rack a percussion massager off a nerve tendon or straight bone, which can be very painful. A lot of people have an itching problem using percussion massagers.

I noticed this to go away after a while, but for some people, it is a real issue every time they use a percussion massager, they have an itchy feeling. This can be dry skin, or it can actually be a fascial release of lactic acids flowing through. Still, most of the time, it is on a skin level irritation, which is a problem for some people using percussion massagers, but I would not let that stop you try to do some tech needs to take care of the itching. The benefits definitely outweigh the cons.

Percussive Massage Research

Google Scholar has thousands of articles on percussion massage, Scientifically based articles that so far seem to be showing all positive reviews coming to percussion massage. I can probably write days on this literature rather than bore you. I recommend you go to search Percussive Massage Research or Massage guns Research. There an endless list of case studies and research papers on massage guns and their benefits.

Are Massage Guns Good For Runners

Absolutely Runners can actually use a percussion massager as a warm-up tool runner in any endurance athletes push the body to the outer limits of what’s capable the inflammation and scar tissue that can build up with these endurance athletes can be tremendous and a proper warm-up can prolong their careers. Percussion massage can be used before a running session.

Unlike an exercise like weightlifting, powerlifting, or even calisthenic exercises, there is a short term of exertion and followed up with a break. Most of these Runners and long-distance Runners don’t take breaks. They keep going and going hour after hour.

A percussion massager can help them and Recovery and before they start warming up the muscle that is already fatigued from the endurance training. Many of these athletes don’t take rest days. They run 7 days a week. They’re trying to build up endurance for these races that you can never train enough for. It’s all about blood flow. When it comes to recovery using a percussion massage, you can get that blood flow activated quickly and in a percussion manner different from any other type of Massage.


My final thoughts when I’m asked do Percussion Massage work and how does it work. With the right percussion massager and the right technique, there’s a lot that can be done that no other type of Massage can do. It is the forward motion of the percussion. It delivers something that a human hand cannot deliver, and it delivers a volume that you could never deliver with a static trigger point hold or foam rolling technique. Percussion massage is in a class of its own but not without its cons, and this is why if you are a high-performance flea and you are doing yoga and stretching. It’s still not enough getting a professional hired massage once a week plus doing your yoga foam rolling and then adding percussion massage 10 to 15 minutes every other day. You will be getting the maximum recovery benefits that you can do. Throw in a couple of ice baths, and you’ll be Superhuman!