Are Percussion Massagers Worth It? 10 Pros & Cons

Are Massage Gun Worth It

Is the massage gun worth it? Yes! But at what cost and is it right for you? These are the questions I had before I started buying deep tissue massagers. Some of them can be very expensive, so I recommend starting with one under $100 to see if you even like it will use it.  I feared to buy a $500 massage gun, and it just sits on the shelf and never use it, so I started with a $60 one.

Are Deep Tissue Massagers Worth It

In my personal experience, absolutely they’re worth every penny you spend on them. The initial cost can be expensive, but you can keep on using them for years to come, unlike a conventional hired massage one time, and you’re done.

What Makes It Worth The Investment

  • Save Time
  • Faster Results
  • Easier Then Form Rolling
  • More powerful then Hand Massge

If you’re living an active lifestyle or recovering from an injury like I was, then a percussion massage tool could be a dream for you. I found it so beneficial to help my recovery from my injuries. It is hard to perform massage on your own body with a foam roller are stretching bands when you’re pretty broken down and wore out, to begin with.

The biggest perk of a percussion massager that makes it worth its weight is the fact that you turn it on, and it does the work. You have to hold it and move it to the location, but mostly you let the machine do the job. With foam rolling and stretching and other types of recovery methods, it’s almost a workout to recover from your workout happening to balance your body weight on a foam roller or baseball and put yourself in a lot of pain to get the desired results.

With a percussion tool, you can turn up the volume or turn it down 2 accommodate your pain threshold the biggest problem I found with foam rolling as you can’t really control the amount of pressure you put in most cases.

You’re already in an uncomfortable, awkward position to get the foam roller to roll on the muscle you’re trying to work on. That alone can be painful. What’s a percussion massager? You can find a comfortable position and adjust the power percussion control to a comfortable setting. This is amazing if your pain tolerance can be too much with other methods. in all reality, your body will not respond well if you’re in excruciating pain. You want the nervous system to relax so that the healing process can happen; this is the biggest benefit of a percussion massager

Save Time

The second biggest benefit has the time factor that it saves when you’re doing foam rolling. You could spend up to an hour doing a full-body foam rolling routine and then put a stretch routine on top of that. What’s a percussion massager? You can have your whole body done within 15 minutes. With the pulsing deep tissue percussion, you can spend 2 minutes per muscle group and have it released when you could spend 15 Minutes Alone on one muscle trying to get the right angle with a foam roller. I’m not knocking foam rollers at all. I still use them, and I absolutely love them, and they have their own place. I’ll get to that later when you would want to use a foam roller, and a foam roller has some upsides that a percussion massager does not.

Faster Results

I found that you can get results that match faster with only 2 minutes of a percussion massager. I even found next-day recovery to been speeded up by using a percussion massager. I believe it’s the fact that you are massaging the area at such a high RPM but still with a percussion, and this is what’s forcing blood in and out of the soft tissue and breaking up muscle fibers that are damaged. Muscle fibers need to be all mixed up floating around in the muscle. When they get strained, they get tight and pulled into a tight line giving you the stiff soreness. Using the percussion massager, you break all the stiff straight lined up muscle fibers. Most of them literally back into a muscle fiber flowed state where the muscle feels comfortable, relaxed, and flexible, ready for the next heavy load you put on it.

Easier Than Foam Rolling

Like I said before, Foam rolling is really uncomfortable, and it’s a lot of work. Many high-performance athletes use foam rolling, and a lot of the stuff they do is a lot harder than their foam rolling routine, so they’re used to the struggle. But foam rolling takes some time, and there’s no way to control the amount of pressure you’re applying for different positions. I found help, but it’s still really a lot of pain for me to do foam rolling. There are foam rollers with a different softness, which I need to invest in, but you have volume control or intensity control with a percussion massager. I guess you should call it where are you can control how much pressure how much RPM of percussion massager you want to be on. A lot of these start at 1500 RPMs and go up to 3000 RPMs depending on your soreness. You can adjust the RPM setting, which makes it so much easier than foam rolling can turn into a workout of its own, and to me, I think that’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to recover, not get another Core ab workout in.

You’ll find that foam rolling is not a very pleasant experience for the average person at all and doesn’t feel like a recovery exercise. Once you get a percussion massager, you’ll never go back to foam rolling by itself. Percussion massager has like a luxury truly a luxury you turn that puppy on, and you move it over the sore area and let it do its work. Within a couple of minutes, you’re done very relaxingly, especially on your upper neck trap muscles where things get tight. You can’t reach that area very well with a foam roller anyway. It is almost hard to stop using a massage gun but remember not to overdo it.

More Powerful Than Hand Massage

I hired a masseuse that it’s a professional that understands Anatomy where muscles lay in the body tendons and nerves, and they do this every day. They are professional, and they can do things that you could never do for yourself. But suppose you’re trying to do a hand massage or have your significant other massage. In that case, you will not get close to what a percussion massager can do the power of these things is amazing. They don’t get tired. I guess the battery will go dead after a while. Still, whatever power setting you put it on, it’s going to put out that pulsating power, and it is going to deliver that until you’re done, and the power that they can deliver on some of these devices are more than you’ll ever need. Hand massage is more of a good hand massage. With a Percussion Gun, it is a percussion massage where you’re pulsing vertically into the tissue, which gets deeper than a lot of hand massage.

Just earlier today, I started having sciatic nerve pain in my left hip. I got out my percussion massager with the pointy hard at the tip. You’re able to dig deeply into that sciatic tissue area. I tried using a foam roller this morning, and that did not do enough. It helped a little bit, but foam rolling doesn’t get deep into the body as a percussion massager can. With the right attachment sitting here writing this, my sciatic nerve is not hurting. It’s been hurting me for a couple of days. I was just lazy and should have used a percussion massager sooner. A lot of MMA fighters use the TimTam pro reason releasing sciatic nerve pain. TimTam has a couple of attachments designed just for that reason. The TimTam is a high-end percussion massager that I don’t own. One day, I would like to get one because the stroke length is one of the longest on the market, helping get to the hip joint area’s sciatic nerve pain.

 Foam Rolling Vs. Percussion Massaging

I want to talk about foam rolling real quick. In this post, I said up above how much better percussion massaging is than foam rolling, which I absolutely still stand by that except foam rolling has some things that can’t be done by percussion massage. The big factor with thumb rolling that it is better than percussion massage. It is a fact that you can move a large volume of blood through the soft tissue. Think about kneading dough. If you wanted to need some, you wouldn’t take a little ball-peen hammer and just beat the dough. You would take a dough roller, and you would roll out the dough to make your pizza crust.

Now that I painted a picture of words, you can now think about foam rolling as dough rolling, haha, and you can think about percussion massage. Well, I don’t know ball ping hammer dough kneading. But to get the idea and a textual way, when your in a certain recovery situation, do rolling pins foam rolling might bring more of a benefit or even mix the two up you can start with a percussion massager and then finish with a foam roller I found this to be extremely effective too sore from using a foam roller and using a percussion massager to loosen up first and then finish with a foam roller the extra benefit of a foam roller.

It is the fact that you’ll be able to move large volumes of blood through the tissue, especially effective on your legs and back. Still, you’re not going to get that pinpoint accuracy and that deep trigger point release with a foam roller, and you’re going to have to work a lot harder to roll the body than to let the machine do the work. I do not thank a percussion massage completely replace foam rolling, and by no means can foam rolling replace a percussion massager. They both have their own place. Still, I believe a percussion massager is much better for a person who is in long-term recovery from an auto accident or something severe like that. You can control the amount of power or pressure applied foam rolling. You don’t have that control. Therefore it’s not an ideal recovery tool if you’re recovering from a serious injury. Trust me. I know the first-hand experience.

But if you work at a desk all day or if you do any work that’s a repetitive motion you’re going to hyper recovery plan whether you’re an athlete or just an everyday person working on assembly line stresses certain muscles repetitive motion as what causes a lot of these problems and that’s pretty much everybody does something everyday repetitively and this is where I percussion massager could be your lifesaver and really releasing tension and giving you an experience that can’t really be bought anywhere else yes if you have $100 to spend every week on a hired professional masseuse then yeah go ahead and do that but then you’d have to have the time to make the appointment every week and this is where a percussion massager really shines once you get into better shape then you can start adding foam rolling if the percussion massager is not giving you the full results that your desire or if you want extra benefit that’s what I do now I use both I use my percussion massager more a lot more but I still use the foam roller because I know that it’s going to help move mass volume of blood through the muscle and not into the muscle that’s the big difference.

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