Stop The Itch After Percussion Massager – Don’t Damage Your Skin

Massage Irritation Arm Hair Standing Up Itching From Massage

I dealt with this problem for a while with massage guns itching my skin. I,m always pushing myself No Pain NO Gain witch is Dumb sometimes. It would be best if you listened to your body when it’s telling you, hey dummy. We are dying over here, so stop it!

What causes the skin to itch after using a percussion massage gun?  Most cases are just the causation of vibration irritating the skin. You could have a or other skin irritations causing it, but the vibration becomes an irritant for most people.

Why Does It Itch Using Massager

 Basically, your giving your self rug burn if you use a massage gun too much, you don’t realize how much work you’re really doing until you’re done, and then you start itching from an acute rug burn

As kids, if your older brother or sister ever drug you across a carpet, you would understand the terminology, haha basically that’s what you’re experiencing by rubbing your skin kinda raw but in more of a vibrational since. 

Some of these massage tools can run at 3000 RPM, especially if you’ve never used to massage tool before. Your skin will be getting new electricity breaking up the old dead cells underneath the skin, getting back the flexibility that your skin has lost over time.

You’ll experience some itching for the first few times using it, but it should get better after time. I’ll list some things below to help prevent it or make it better.

If you want to go more into the dept of Science of skin vibration, Irritation itching The National Library of Medicine has some great info.

How To Prevent skin Itching

The first thing I did that helped a lot was wear clothing when using the massage gun.  that thin layer of material gives a little protection to the skin preventing Skin irritation.

  • Run the massager at lower speeds
  • Don’t use the massager on bare skin
  • Massage one area less
  • Moisturize skin before the massage
  • More vitamin E in your diet

Don’t Damage Your Skin

If you’re experiencing skin irritation like burning, itching is stinging. You need to listen to your body and back off percussion massaging. Maybe try some of the things listed above on lowering the irritation. 

Some irritation can be a good sign of healing and waking up the soft tissue from lack of exercise. As we age, blood flow gets restricted in areas. When that happens, nutrients cannot get to the soft tissue and skin through the blood supply like it once did when we were younger or healthier.

Soft tissue begins to die and gets stagnant away.  Once you start massaging and breaking it up to old tissue, you could experience some itching initially, but that should get better with time. If it doesn’t, you might want to consult your doctor if nothing else seems to help. 

 It would help if you also were doing static stretching as well. There’s plenty of good stretches on Google, and YouTube. Just look and search for stretches. Whatever body part is giving you some trouble and start practicing your stretching every day until you get to know your body. Everyone is different. As time goes on, you will learn your body needs then develop a stretching routine that works for you.

 Percussion massage is great, but even better when you add stretching. Percussion massage will break up the soft tissue and support good blood flow. The stretching will strengthen and lengthen the muscle fibers and tissue, aiding in keeping the new rebuilt body.

 In return, you won’t need as much massage therapy, and the work you do with your massage gun will last, and you’ll be able to hold that new elasticity the soft tissue and muscle adept for the better.

Is it a good idea after a percussion massage you apply a moisturizer lotion, or even Vitamin E oil is excellent.

 To think when you go to a massage therapist, they usually use a massage oil; therefore, there moisturizing as they’re bringing the flexibility back to your soft tissue.

 So after using your own massage tools are Percussion Gun massager, it is good to use an organic vitamin E based skin moisturizer. This should bring down the skin irritation, and the skin will be ready to absorb and Pull It in since you’ve already broken up all the soft tissue. Once you’ll new fresh blood flow returning skin to a natural state looking younger and rejuvenated.

Itchy Skin After Using Massager

There are really two different types of itching you could experience your outer skin later could be itching or actually deeper into the muscle tissue could be causing the itching. If you feel the itching is more on the outer layer of your skin, you may want to start eating more healthy fats and getting more rich foods in vitamin E and maybe getting some organic natural lotion that has vitamin E and moisturize your skin if this helps the itching then you know that the itching is coming from your actual skin and not deeper in the tissue.

Itching After Vibration Massage

If itching is not from the skin, it could be deeper in the tissue of the muscle. this could be just the natural releasing of toxins and the feeling of new blood and old cells, which is good if your itching increases and you’re going to want to back off your massage and let your body adjust to this type of Massage. And your itching should go away after the massage.

If you have itching problems for hours after your massage, you might want to make an appointment with A dermatologist doctor. For most people, this massage itching should go away shortly after a massage. Once your body gets adapted to a regular massage, or a couple of times a week, the itching should go away completely. This was the case for me. It was not extreme itching, but there was a little burning itching irritation after a massage, and now I don’t itch at all, so give it a little time, and it’s nothing to really worry about unless you feel like it’s worsening then you’re going to want to make an appointment with your doctor. But I would try some things first, like moisturizing your skin, not massaging as often, and if you’re using a percussion massager, don’t run it on bare skin, especially a vibration massager, don’t run it on Bearskin. Run it over a piece of thin clothing to give your skin that little bit of protection against the pulsating and vibration of the massagers that seemed to help me.