Percussion Massage For Golfers And Tennis Elbow Fix

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I’ve personally experience tennis elbow so bad I thought I was going to need surgery. I got to the point that I could not hold a cup of coffee without a lot of pain.

Now I’m pain-free no surgery and doing better than people that had surgery.

With a massage gun, you can work the muscle around the area to find the tender areas to release the muscle. Then the pressure will be released off the joints. Now the healing presses can take place the body can do that the body can heal itself!

Where dose Golfers Elbow Come From

  • dehydration
  • overuses
  • repetitive motion
  • low sodium

There are many others, but to get the idea of what we are dealing with if untreated, damage to the point of surgery could happen that can be avoided.

Now getting a Percussion Massager Gun is one of the easiest ways to treat golfers’ elbow.

Let list some of the free methods I stared with

Stretching if you Google carpal tunnel stretches these will help a lot, but you have to work every day. It’s not a fast fix and depends on the person for the muscle to respond properly.

Self massage

Essential oils like peppermint really work well to stop the pain and as well relax the muscle.

Massage Gun Golfers Elbow Fix

If stretching hand massage creams and rubs are not working, you can get a massage gun. I’m not ready to spend 400 or 500 on one. My first one came from eBay 69.99 bucks, and it works great for now. Later, I May move up to one that cost more, but as for me, I did not want to waste money on some that did not work.

Massage guns amazing. They can get into place otherwise, it would be impossible on your own.

Golfers Elbow can be from the muscle below or above your Elbow, so with a massage gun, its ease work the muscle all the way down to your fingers and all the way up to your shoulder and as doing so, move your wrist at a different angle to find the tight spots then work them with the massager.

Please don’t overdo it listening to your body there’s no gain in pain here now a little is to be expected.

You will find over time listening to your own body and what it needs. No one shoe fits all—the best advice to take your time.

By moving around, you will find spots you did not think were a problem. Often that’s the real cause of the joint pain. The body is funny thinking, and when it comes to pain joint or nerve pain, it can trick us.

So work the whole area to find the root problem. Now I know you, and I don’t know what activity is causing the problem, but one thing for sure tension is being put on the join or joins from muscle and ligament tendon tightness.

Uselessly starts with the muscle and then moves into the ligament tendon with the setting in the joint and surrounding areas.

The danger of this if gone untreated for a long time, the body will start breaking down cartilage an advantage bone.

Most people never go that far with Golfers Elbow, but it does happen a lot with hips. That’s why you hear many people getting hip replacements, but what happens to any part of the body when joint inflammation set in.

Backyard Ninja Kids

Backyard Ninja Kids really show an in-depth video A to B, and that’s key. You have to work the muscles and tendons out all the way thru or otherwise. It can keep coming back with a vengeance.

Is massage gun good for tennis elbow

Yes, percussion massage, like regular massage therapy, sports blood flow to damaged cells promoting new cell growth. When fresh blood is moved into the damaged area, blood caring vitamins, nutrients healing presses can begin speeding up recovery.

I’ve had injuries bothering for months once properly work on in a matter of day the pain soreness gone able to get back to normal actives.

Massage guns really wake up the soft tissue in a way that is not easily done by yourself.

As we get older, things get stiffer than that. Why massage is so good for us to bring back muscle elasticity massage guns do the same for us.

I still pay for a massage, but I still my massage a lot. I feel they both still have their place and can help in different ways with the same idea bring blood flow and flexibility back to the body.

Permanent Damage

When any joint inflammation goes untreated for years, others sooner Permanent Damage can occur in most cases.

After a while, the joint will start breaking down the bone and cartilage. This is why it’s important to listen to the body and pain, saying hey, I’m hurting over you need to do something about this before real damage is done.

If you apply yoga stretching massage and a good healthy diet, you can reverse many of these inflammatory joint diseases science shows that are joints are good for at least a hundred and twenty years, so for most people, there’s no reason to live a full, healthy happy, strong joint pain-free life problem is with the way that we do charms and repetitive motion I’m stuck over a desk or something that’s out of our bio-mechanics design we get these little kings that can turn into big problems so always be mindful of your posture drinking plenty of fluids stretching every day and maybe using a Percussion Gun can keep our joints healthy and flexible all our life.