My Experience Personal Massage Gun Therapy Results And Benefits

Budger Massager Gun Black

My experience with Percussion massage has been amazing and life-changing.

I don’t think it’s a replacement for massage rollers or Stretching or even physical massage from a massage therapist or masseuse.

I will detail each section’s blow on why and how I’ve had a better or Worse experience.

  1. Percussion massage pros and con
  2. Percussion massage vs. foam rolling
  3. Percussive massage versus  massage therapy masseuse
  4. Percussion massage things others can’t do 

I will start with the cons.

Percussion massage, when used in one area, impacting the tissue. In many cases, better, but unlike Regular massage, foam rolling moving away from one place supporting blood flow. Blood flow is everything when it comes to healing, reducing inflammation.


Muscle fibers run along with the muscle, not vertically in the way percussion massager works. 

When the goal is to break up muscle fibers, foam rolling massage is in the spotlight.

Percussion massage technique

Will overcome Percussion massage shortcomings.


Limited angle positioning

There is some massager on the market; they have addressed this Issue well with better angle adjustments. 


Around bony areas 

Tendon ligament that attaches to bone or very close to the bone is hard to reach percussion you Rattle your bones if you hit Arbonne, and the wrong way could be painful.


 Nerve damage to be a Massage Therapist, you go through training and get certifications, and you learn extensively about the nervous system.

As a Masseuse, you know what Nerves feel and know how much pressure to apply around them safely. 

If you hit a nerve with percussion massager, No pun intended, you’ll know it! I’ve done this a couple of times and learned quickly where to stay away from. A tool should be handled with care when running a jackhammer You be careful where to aim it.


Percussion massage beats out everything

When your traveling in a hotel room or camping out of town, visiting family.

You can take a massager almost anywhere use it most any time you can’t carry on a foam roller on a plane.


 effortless massaging

Percussion massager are very lovely; almost no work on your end. When foam rolling, you need to have some Flexibility and stability already to keep yourself on a foam roller. You could break a Sweat on a foam roller if you wanted to. I’ve cut my session short; I was just too tired to keep it up.


Time Percussion massage away faster then most options

Speeds range from 1000 Rpm to 3,000 Rpm.

You’re able to target problem areas with speed, getting the muscle to release. 


Pain control

When using other massage methods on sore, painful areas, it’s hard to control the pressure, which leaves you not applying as much as you could have or need.

 With a percussion massager, you can adjust the RPM the angle and change the tip or a softer and packed or a more concentrated impact. You’re able to work an area harder with less discomfort, in the end, getting better results than other conventional ways of muscle trigger releases. 

 Percussion massage vs. foam rolling

I believe everything has its place. Physical massage therapy can do things that foam rolling cannot do. Percussion massage can do something or that neither foam rolling nor massage therapy can do for you.

I use everything in my recovery plan.

Foam rolling moves blood through the soft tissue better than a massage tool.


Percussion massager can get into areas foam rolling can not.


Foam rolling can fix Posture with posture fixing exercises. Massage tools can not.


Percussion massager Do not require physical effort to run a more extended massage session.

I Personally use both just as much foam rolling is good forever day Maintenance, When an Injury occurs and one area of body I will lean more towards using my percussion massager.

 If it’s a fresh injury that’s very tender, percussion massager, you can control the pressure a lot more precisely than foam rolling—giving the damaged area more attention than it needs to fully recover quickly. 

Percussive massage versus  massage therapy masseuse

Massage therapy really can’t compare due to the excipients of the masseuse? But in comparison, they both have their place in your recovery plan.

The first real factor is money. A masseuse can cost as much as one dollar a min when a massage tool is just the tool itself’s cost. 

The big differences are in money, time, and availability. If none of them is a factor in, then massage therapy is really nice when you can lay still and relaxed and let the masseuse do their job. They can apply pressure that we are selves would not be Comfortable applying. They can target and pinpoint areas they can keep working in place until the muscle Releases.

On the other hand, Percussive massage really nice on the go over even in the middle of the night. I’ve woke up from pain and turned on my massager went to work at 2:00 AM, so I was able to go back to sleep.


Not always after a workout can you run to the Massage therapist to get work over and maybe Have the energy to roll around on a roller. Then the Percussion massager tool is your best friend.

I use both as much as I can, but a Percussion massager I use more simply for availability and time-saving money-saving to really massage therapy can get expensive going regularly.

Percussion massage things others can’t do

Deep penetration into the muscle like I discussed earlier the downfall to a percussion massager is the vertical massaging but depending on the problem you’re trying to work through could be a deeper tendon or soft tissue problem this is where a percussion massager as something foam rolling cannot reach and a masseuse can only apply a static pressure with the percussion precision and the massaging vertically on a targeted area there is nothing that can do that type of massage and that type of way vertically this is why I believe everything has its own place personal benefits in your recovery any one of these would probably be good enough for in a recovery plan but I’m obsessed with using everything to the best of its abilities and from what I have found percussion massager a massage tools like it with the vertical pulsing Revolution there’s nothing that can do that type of Massage you can use techniques to move the massager and a more therapeutic way to get other benefits and angles out of Massage

 for an example

I had a relentless sciatic nerve pain that crippled me. I wasn’t comfortable going to a massage therapist and having them grind their elbow into my lower back anus region. I had tight glutes from doing some heavy squats that kept getting worse and put pressure on the sciatic nerve shooting pain down both my legs, sometimes different legs different days sometimes both legs I was unable to work and move around very well at all.

 there’s an attachment for most percussion massagers

Skinny is cone-shaped or point or finger type attachment that well dives deeply into the tissue. With the big muscle of the quad and glute area, you’re able to dive in and release that muscle off of that main sciatic nerve, which gave me tremendous relief now to this day occasionally I will work the area just for maintenance reasons a lot of massage therapist won’t go way up into your groin anyways. Hence, those areas that you’ll have to work on your own if you’re a highly active person or if you’re getting into being an active person will find that some of these more sensitive tight areas will be holding you back from your routines. 


I wrote this article to answer some questions for people who Wonder whether I massage gun is worth it for them or they do foam rolling or should they do massage. 

my best answer is both you’ll find that each has its own benefits in different ways, and if you utilize The Best of Both Worlds, I think your physical and strength and flexible games will come at a higher rate

 sometimes it’s just easier to use percussion massage therapy sometimes it just feels a lot better to just roll it out on a piece of foam

 but if you’re like me, and you probably are if you’re reading this, you want to do what’s best, and you want to do it with the best abilities and knowledge you have advice as get a cheap Percussion Gun to start out with like I did, and you’ll find ways to use it with experience as better than other massage conventional methods 

Invest in some other type of foam rollers and use them. It’s not just about the product, but it’s about the reputation of using it and learning how to use it

 Nobody could hand you a hammer. You’ve never used one, and you never try to use it when the nails never get driven in.

 Experience is key to getting the most out of any time home therapy recovery, and really that goes with everything.

Learning how your body responds to your type of therapy program asking everybody responds differently to a different type of programs tools and massages so get active and get learning how your body will respond and listen to your body if something is uncomfortable and hurts too much back off regroup and figure out how to make it better go hard go home is not a great motto when it comes to at-home recovery programs.