Massage Gun Life-Threatening Story

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A 25-year-old Chinese woman was doing moderate exercise three days in a row, and afterward, her trainer worked on her legs with a percussion massage gun. After three days, she experienced excruciating pain bruising, and hemorrhaging to her quad and leg muscles. After going to the doctor, she was diagnosed with rhabdo. She began to get very ill with her urine turning very dark with signs of blood and muscle proteins breaking down her body from the rhabdo. After one day in the hospital on the proper fluids and medications, they could get her back under control, and her urine color turned around to normal. I don’t think people understand how powerful a percussion massager tool can be. Nor do I think most people realize the time to use one to get a full body massage should Not be done for an hour, but a percussion massager should not be used on a full body massage for more than 15 minutes—these percussion massager‘s move upwards of 3000 RPM. I don’t know anybody’s hand that can move that fast, LOL. If so, they might have Bruce Lee beat. Rhabdomyolysis can happen from lifting weights or running too much. When the muscle has been overworked, it is a serious condition that it starts breaking down and going into the bloodstream into the urine rhabdomyolysis can become fatal if gone untreated.

Here’s the link to the young Chinese woman’s full story that almost died from the percussion massager.

This is an extreme case in most. This would never happen to anyone using a percussion massager. We still don’t know how long they use the percussion massager on the young woman, and we don’t know what RPM it was running at. And we don’t know what is she telling the trainer that’s too much this hurts and did he say to tell her no pain no gain and she thought of taking the pain was her gain when it almost cost her her life.

Did the trainer run the percussion massager at the right recommended time for the muscle group, which is only two minutes per muscle group and a 15 minute for a full-body percussion massage? One of the attractions top percussion massage is the time savings that takes 45 minutes from other conventional massages. You can get it done in 15 minutes with a percussion massager and maybe quicker in certain situations?

If you’re running the percussion massager on yourself, it’s highly unlikely you will ever experience Rhabdo my analysis, especially if you stick within the allotted time of two minutes per muscle, you will never cause rhabdo on yourself following these guidelines.

You should never perform massage on yourself or let someone else perform massage on you that is excruciating pain people get into this trouble where they think no pain no gain which is weird to think that to the rest of the world this is nonsense thinking only in the United States we believe no pain no gain and pushing the body to its outer limits yes this can show a benefit in growing the body in certain areas but there is two types of pain a right pain in a bad ache and if you don’t know the difference between the two then you should not be pushing your body to any limits of pain massage is used for a recovery program and it should not be painful the way I explain to people is that a little discomfort is normal but if the discomfort becomes unbearable to the point that it is hard to breathe then that is too much you need to back off or you need to tell your therapist to back off same rules apply when using a percussion massager it should mostly be a pleasurable experience and not painful a little discomfort is normal but that should loosen up as you go along you should never turn on a percussion massager or to full speed and dig into your body with all you got thinking that no pain no gain is going to get you ahead on your recovery game as well as your work out game.

Some studies have shown that if you do a workout program to maximum intensity over time, the body performance will decline. They really show this in the wrestlers in Russia are a lot better than in other countries. Their training program does not train at a full intensity train every day with light intensity at the end of the year. They have trained 365 days when other countries only train 3 to 4 times a week to maximum capacity add to the end of the year, which has more training experience? The wrestlers that have trained 365 their bodies are not beaten up and broken down their energy and mood is better, and their stamina is better and when it comes time to compete they usually dominate the competition scientist believe it’s the type of training that is making them better than the competition

It’s the type of training that is making them better than the competition.

I say all that to paint the picture when it comes to your own recovery program maybe not push the body so hard in the United States it is the way of thanking the way that your raise in the way that it is marketed through magazines and TV but if you look at the science and you look at how the body adapts much better overtime than all at once instead of using your percussion massager all out one day you can use it for five minutes a day every day and you will see that you will recover better and more sustainable anything grabbed it quickly can go away quickly some bodybuilders will put on a lot of muscle really fast and then the lose it really fast I’m not sure how much this applies to a flexible body but I believe that if you focus on doing just a little bit of percussion massager every day and a little bit of stretching every day don’t go into a 45 minute yoga session every day only to 10 or 15 minutes of yoga or stretching every day and I will tell you within 30 days you will be more flexible and more happy and more free than you’ve ever been in your life the body as an adoption and it will adapt to almost any environment but it doesn’t happen overnight and the harder you push the more as stress as the body and strength stress as your mind if you put your focus on just a little bit each day before you know it you’ll be so far ahead that you can’t believe your own success that now will feel like a short period of time it’s what you do every day as well as up to who you are now.