Why Does Percussion Massager Bounce

Why Does Percussion Massager Bounce

Why does massage guns bounce? If you’ve ever seen a masseuse at a spa using their hands back and forth karate-chopping going up and down the back, this is the idea that the percussion massager is mimicking. Percussion releases tension, and the bouncing supports blood flow is the main benefit, but there are more I will go into more detail.

Percussion Bouncing Supports Blood Flow

When a percussion massager hits the soft tissue with a percussion, it manually forces blood through the tissue. If you ever pushed your thumb hard down on your skin and then can move your thumb away, it leaves a red mark that is blood rushing back into the area you squeeze out. Blood carries nutrients and vitamins, and minerals to rebuild damaged cells and tissue. This is why percussion massage brings so much benefit circulating fresh blood to rebuild vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to the damaged area. The body does this naturally, but as tissue and muscles get tight and sore, they restrict blood flow, therefore taking longer to heal. In any massage, even foam rolling, Percussion massage speeds up the recovery process by getting fresh blood and nutrients into the damaged area. So keep that in mind whenever you’re at home using your percussion massager. Think about how to circulate the blood into that damaged area rather than just holding it in one area statically move it throughout the area in all different directions back and forth up and down, keeping in mind your morning to circulate blood flow.

Percussion Massage Lactic Acid Release

Massage gun bouncing on the tissue not only helping blood circulation also releasing lactic acid. Some people experience itching from lactic acid being released. I talked about it more in detail here. Any Massage that presses against the soft tissue will release locked it a sin as we use our muscles and the muscle gets deprived of oxygen lactic acid will build upon the muscle some of it will go away after exercise. Some of it will stay behind in the form of trigger points and sore muscles. Soreness is part of the recovery process. It is a good thing, not a bad thing, but sometimes that lingers longer than we’d like to, and by doing percussion massage, we can speed up the healing process. When a massager bounces over an area, the percussion will be flowing fresh blood in and pushing out lactic acid into the bloodstream. Recommend a lot of water after a massage session. These acids and toxins built up in the body can be excreted through the lymphatic system and eventually passed through the body through natural pathways. If you are very toxic, you could get very sick to your stomach the first time I had a deep tissue massage actually, the first couple of times I got very nauseous, ask the massage therapist about this. She advised me to drink more water after the massage therapy session.  I didn’t get sick as much after staying more hydrated, and now I’ve had hundreds of massages, and I don’t get sick at all anymore. I still try to drink at least 16 to 20 the water right after a massage to help the body excrete the toxins that have been released.

What Is Mitochondria

In simple terms that I can understand, mitochondria are these little cells in the body that store energy and convert it into ATP for our bodies to use the more mitochondria we have. The more energy we can expel in a workout. Studies have shown that high-performance athletes have more mitochondria recruited than the average person. Once it’s created, it’s something that your body will desire, so once you get in physical shape, you will want to stay there. Studies have shown that high-performance athletes have restless leg syndromes due to the lack of extra mitochondria not being stimulated by interesting science. Still, when you do percussion massage, science is now shown that you stimulate the mitochondria to speed up your recovery time, which is what we’re all after.

Mitochondria—Promoting Faster Recovery

Massage reduced signs of inflammation and massaged muscle cells were better able to make new mitochondria—promoting faster recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage. Inflammations got an evil name. Don’t get it wrong we need inflammation for repair, but we want to speed up the process. I link to the article about mitochondria being stimulated through massage speeding up Muscle Recovery. Reducing inflammation will speed up your recovery time, helping your mitochondria recover more quickly and more efficiently. Another thing that is overlooked if you’re dealing with a lot of inflammation, you’re going to want to look into your diet and see if you’re consuming inflammatory Foods. Many processed foods are highly inflammatory to the body, and even some plant foods like peanut butter and nightshade vegetables are inflammatory to the body. Tomatoes you ever eat some tomatoes and get an upset stomach this is the lectin proteins attacking your gut lining that can cause inflammation and all kinds of IBS problems .try to stick to a whole plant-based or whole food Mediterranean diet will help lower your inflammation with the added massage and percussion massage therapy you’re going to speed up your recovery time protecting your mitochondria which also could be damaged. Once the mitochondria are damaged, you can experience fatigue and lack of energy. But in good news, science is showing massage is promoting faster recovery of new mitochondria stimulus.

Percussion Massage For Exercise Recovery

As we exercise, we damaged muscle fiber, strained tendons, and disturb the mitochondria. There is no growth without resistance, so we have to put resistance on the body to get the body to grow. For most people, you want to grow faster rather than slower, so percussion massage can speed up your recovery time. As I wrote above, the benefits of percussion massage and science are now showing at the mitochondria are getting faster recovery times. Faster mitochondria recovery will equal faster cellular recovery over time that’s going to be faster growth. Whatever your fitness goals are nearest, wanting to recover as fast as you can, you can get more time on the field more time in the gym. More time equals two more physical gains. I want to leave you with a couple more tips for recovery. Chronotherapy or otherwise known as Chrono chambers that you walk into sub below zero temperatures to reduce inflammation, is a new thing that has gotten. Athletes have done this for years, getting into an ice bath. Firstly I tried to get cold showers quite regularly. I do ice baths occasionally. When I do, I noticed unbelievable amounts of inflammation gone. It is one of the most uncomfortable things you’ll ever do get into a tub of freezing ice water. Still, it gets easier over time, and once you start feeling the benefits of the inflammation leaving the body, you’ll be excited to get back in there to relieve U of inflammation. Some quick recommendations and this goes for massage therapy ice therapy. In any recovery therapy, including stretching and yoga, you don’t want to get into a recovery exercise with a massager or even ice therapy too soon after a workout. Some athletes get into ice therapy directly after a workout. Some studies have shown that getting into ice therapy too soon after a workout can actually slow down your performance results by speeding up the recovery process too quickly. Soreness is a good thing. It is the healing and reparative restorative state of the body. It is not really our enemy as it’s been made out to be. I’m not a high-performance athlete; I do like to get and out and do athletic things, so I tried to wait 24 hours after a heavy workout that may have left me really sore the next day. After 24 hours, I will do a cold therapy and ice bath or stretching or massaging with a percussion massager. And even after 24 hours, listen to your body. If it is still really sore and too painful to even bear a percussion massager, do not use one. Maybe ice therapy depending on how much you damage the muscle. I always recommend listen to your body and listen to what is trying to tell you. Together we can Aid the body with different recovery tools and methods to speed up the process and helping the body and not hurting it, and it’s natural recovery.