Where To Use A Percussion Massage Stopping Plantar Fasciitis

Infographic How To Fix Plantar Fasciitis Picture Of Leg Calf Picture Of Heel Arch Fasciitis

I had plantar fasciitis so bad I could not walk in the mornings without a cane or a walker. Can a massage gun help with plantar fasciitis? Yes, it can! But there’s more to it than just massaging the plantar fascial or where you feel your pain. 

Plantar fasciitis usually starts higher up in the body.  if you’re getting tightness in your calves usually and your Achilles tendon, this will start pulling on your ankle, which then will go down and pull on your fracture itis in your foot

 I battled with excruciating plantar fasciitis for months.

 I use cold therapy Frozen water bottles bath salt soaks. And many other home remedies as Central Oils and massage appointments like Biofreeze and Icy Hot.

 Nothing would get me any relief started doing some research and found out that the plantar fasciitis usually gets inflamed from a tight ligament like the Achilles ligament attaching up in the caf.

 So I started working on my calf, and I found that I had a muscle trigger point the baseball size in my calf!

 Once releasing that trigger point up in my calf, my plantar fasciitis calm down, and the healing process started coming back a few months later, I ended up getting arches back in my feet, and I have been flat-footed most all my life. 

Using a percussion massager fixing plantar fasciitis

Unlike what you would think, Using a massager in the foot’s arch where most of the pain comes from with plantar fasciitis is not where you want to start.

 Take your percussion massager. You can start with the bigger round foam head, or any percussion head will be fine. Just start working your calf from the knee joint to the ankle.

 Start on a low-speed setting, gently work both sides of the calf and feel for muscle trigger points. If you don’t find any trigger points, stop with the percussion massager and get some lotion and massage your calf by hand.

 Once you locate the knots in your calf, you may have more than one go back to the percussion massager and work that area until you get the muscle trigger point to release.

 this may take a few days, depending on how quickly your muscles respond. Trigger points could take some time to get worked out layer by layer and given rest so they can heal.

 in some cases you can get trigger points to relax within a few  minutes.

 Let your calf and plantar fasciitis rest for a few days. Go back with the massager and see if there’s any more tender spot still left in your calf muscle. If you feel like you’ve repaired most of your calf muscle, now it’s time to move on to your plantar fasciitis in the arch of your foot.

 By this time, just by releasing the trigger points in your calf muscle, you may not have any problems in your fascia anymore, but even so, it’s still will give you benefit to work your foot arch fascia.

 Take your percussion massage tool. If you have a smaller attachment, go ahead and change to that. Any Detachment will work great, but the smaller attachment seems to work better in the foot area.

Just work the arch of your foot on a low RPM with your massager. Just feel out your foot. If it feels good, go ahead and turn your massager up to a comfortable level and work the arch of your foot back and forth from the pads of your toes into your heel and get deep into the fashion of the arch.

 Once you’ve done this for a few minutes, no longer than 15 minutes, then you can grab some lotion or a massage oil and just try to work it by hand. You can feel more by hand, and you might find another area that needs some work. Go ahead and grab your percussion massager and work that area some more if you need to.

 After doing all this, let your leg and calf muscles rest for a day. If they’re still sore two days later, then give it a couple of days to rest and see how you feel walking around.

 My plantar fasciitis was such an extreme case that it took me several weeks before I fixed it, but now it’s been 3 years, and I don’t have to work on it anymore, and I haven’t had any pain whatsoever after making this fix hopefully you get your plantar fasciitis under control I know your pain it is one thing to have an arm hurting but when your feet hurt that’s all you feel wherever you walk.

 There’s an old proverb like a foot out of joint. They were saying that it is one of the worst pains that a person can have as feet pain. You need your feet to take you wherever you need to take good care of them.

What aggravates plantar fasciitis

  •  Too many hours on concrete
  •  Bad Footwear
  •  Broken down foot arch
  •  Obesity
  •  Inflammatory diet
  •  Blood sugar
  •  Poor circulation

 There is a lot of things that can cause and aggravate plantar fasciitis. The biggest thing is being overweight. Some people have reported that their plantar fasciitis doesn’t get better until they get under certain body weight. And they notice soon as they go over that certain bodyweight are plantar fasciitis starts acting up again.

 Losing weight will help many things in the body inflammation, which is the leading cause of all disease.

 But to get quick relief, percussion massager can help your plantar fasciitis. Even if you don’t have a percussion massager, regular massage can help your plantar fasciitis.

 Remember to start with massage your calf muscle your calf muscles is usually wear plantar fasciitis starts and then it moves its way down into your foot arch.

 For the longest time, I battled with massaging my foot arch every way I could, getting no relief until I release the muscle trigger points in my calf muscle.

How to use a massage gun on your feet

Using a massage gun on your feet will probably be one of the simplest body parts you ever massage with a percussion massager.

 All you need to do has turned on your percussion massager to the desired speed that is comfortable.

 The saying no pain, no gain is not what you’re going for with massage. If you are in pain at any point in any massage, you need to back off, listen to your body.

The feet are a tougher area to massage, so using a massage tip in a smaller size like the pointy or tips is good to get into the arch deeper than the bigger round massage tips.

 The foot tissue is just tougher, and it can take more work to release the damaged tissue.

 And to think we use our feet quite a lot wherever we walk were using them, and they really don’t get a break like our arms can rest, but our feet we’re constantly using.

This has been how to use a percussion massager on your feet

The takeaway When using a percussion massager on your feet, start higher up in your leg and find the trigger points that are maybe pulling on ligaments and tendons that are causing the pain deep down in the arch of the foot.

 The body can be tricked. You can feel pain and one area when it’s actually a muscle or nerve pulling from another body area that you feel no tension or pain.

 this is why in any type of massage is important to work the whole area work the muscle group from A to Z.

 Releasing all the tension throughout the body, the human body is an amazing machine, and it will take a lot of abuse. Still, if we use diet and exercise and massage recovery properly, we can transform this machine of the human body into a pain-free well working machine.