One Year Using A Cheap Percussion Massager

Budger Massager Gun Black

I ran this massager very hard for a year. It still works well, but I can tell it has some miles on it now. Here are my results.

Do I think Its worth buying?

Yes, I wouldn’t pass it up for the money and my budget for how much it helped me it worth one thousand dollars to me. There have been many nights I Have woken up from Pain and started to self-massage until I could go back to sleep.

Where to Buy ?

I got mine from eBay, But you can get them from other places. I paid 65.00. I want to get a high-end one 400.00 to 600.00 range, but there was no way that I could afford that after my car crash.

I was hesitant to buy a cheap one. Even 50.00 dollars at the time was not cheap for me. I put it off for too long, but I’m glad now I said to myself that it would be worth it if it lasts one year!

Budger Massager Gun Black View Back Digital Screen

One Year Of Wear

I ran this massager hard. I Have to drop it, throw it and ran it for an hour straight.

What I’ve noticed the battery has gotten a little weaker, I think? and it seems to be noisier than when it was new, haha

That’s one thing people complain about is the noise on the cheaper massagers, really. The noise never bothered me, but yes, they make more noise than the 500.00 dollar ones my friend has. It’s a smooth-running machine.

Used High End Massager

Budger Massager Gun Black Side View

Now I’ve thought of buying a 500.00 Dollar massager off eBay used. Sometimes they go cheap on Auction for as low as couple hundred bucks, but I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not. If I buy one later, I will write a review on one to see if it’s worth the savings.

Bob and Brad percussion massager

Bob and Brad Selling there Own massager

Digital screen Massage Gun Laying Down

Bob and Brad are selling their own massager. I trust these Guys There YouTube Videos have to help me out so much. They have been around for a long time. They know what they are talking about and are trusted. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re getting, but these Guys Have been Lifesaver in my recovery; I have no affiliation with them. If you buy through my eBay link, get a commission.

If I buy another Budget Massager, I’m going to buy Bob And Brads. I will write a deeper review of their messenger.

Cheap Massage Percussion

If you Google cheap massage percussion, You’ll get prices from 29.99 up to 149.99. I recommend purchasing above 59.99 just my opinion at 29.99 price point you not getting much quality for your money. on eBay, stick above 50.00

For other Massager Tips

Check out my blog. I will be trying to answer everyone’s question about massagers and massage Thanks!