The Best 9 Lower Back Pain Stretchers And Yoga Stretches

Inversion Table Spinal Decompression Girl With Tattoo Demonstration

Lower Back experience

After Multiple whip flash accidents over the years and a broken back in several places trying to cope without pain medicine, I had to learn a thing or two about stretching the lower back. I’ve tried out about every stretch machine out there, and yoga poses with daily back stretches. I came up with a list of nine of my favorite back stretchers and a couple of trigger point release tools.

The only one I have not personally tried Is the portable decompressor, but it looks interesting.

It looks like it would be something I would love to use when I’m in too much pain to do any other stretching or trigger point releasing foam rolling exercises.

Inversion table stretcher

Inversion table stretcher Spine decompression device upside down hanging anti-gravity
Inversion table stretcher

Inversion table back stretcher has completely changed the way I feel. A friend of mine introduced me to the inversion table. I heard it them but didn’t know if it was worth my money. My friend told me that he has to use it for 15 minutes a day or walk.  I thought since it was doing him so much good, maybe I would try it as well. When I first started using the inversion table, you get really light-headed. The first time I could only do it for a couple of minutes. When my friends doing it for 15 minutes, I couldn’t understand how he was able to do that without passing out all the blood rushes to your head later, I found out what this does is it actually give some benefits with blood flow that also helps pain in other ways you can Google about spinal fluid Sea Patrol blood flow and read more in-depth about it.

Still, the inversion table’s main point is to decompress the spine from Gravity hanging upside down feels amazing to get pressure off of the spine joints. The first couple of times you use it, your back might actually pop a little, usually vertebrae’s and spine joints going back into place. By taking the pressure off, you can get a rush of energy to your head, letting blood flow and cause you to get a little woozy the first couple of times, so I recommend only doing it for a couple of minutes when you first start, even just one minute you will see benefits from doing this if you had any lower back or upper back issues.

Once you get more comfortable using the inversion table, you can go longer and stretch your arms out even more. Do it every day for as long as you’re comfortable. Over time you can go longer. Right now, I only do it 5 to 7 minutes a day, and that is still enough time to make a massive improvement in my lower back. You don’t realize how tight your back gets until you start stretching it and releasing the tension. When you have lower back pain, you could have a structural problem. Which before using an inversion table, I would talk to your doctor or chiropractor and make sure that it’s safe for your back for most people to use.

Inversion tables have a setting on them to adjust how far you get inverted. You can set them to where you’re just barely leaning as if you were leaning off the bed or adjusting them to a full inversion vertically up and down. I went on the full swing the first time using haha probably should have said it on a lower setting until I got used to it and then moved up. That’s what I recommend.

The Best 9 Lower Back Pain Stretchers

  1. Inversion table stretcher
  2. Pso rite Stretcher
  3. Lumbar spine stretcher
  4. Lumbar decompressor
  5. Foam roller
  6. Lumbar back posture corrector stretcher massager
  7. Orthopedic match stretcher back
  8. Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench Back Stretcher
  9. Teeter P2 Portable Decompression Back Stretcher

Pso rite Stretcher

Pso rite Stretcher Muscle trigger point back stretcher
Pso rite Stretcher

This little guy is amazing for the lower back and the hips. You can even use it on your upper back in between your shoulder blades. There are some back stretches you can do with it as well as trigger point releases. If you’ve ever used a tennis ball or a foam roller for releasing your lower back, you’ll find that it’s hard sometimes, the ball wants to roll away, or you want to roll off the foam roller. With this device, it stays in one place, and you’re able to pinpoint your trigger point muscle knot and release it more comfortably with more Precision. you can buy these from The Cellar at Or eBay and Amazon

Posture Correction

Lumbar Massage Support Spine Posture Corrector
2020 Back Magic Stretcher Lower Lumbar Massage Support Spine Posture Corrector
Lumbar Massage Support Spine Posture Corrector

This back stretcher not only stretches your back but also helps fix your posture. Spines are supposed to have a natural curvature to them. When poor posture over time, our spine can get out of alignment. Spine and joint alignment bone Deterioration can start happening. Then you will start experiencing pain from the spinal joints pressing against the nerves of the central nervous system.

With this back stretcher, all you do is lay on it and let the natural curvature of your spine relax the added benefit of the little knobs along the Contour of the stretcher our little trigger point indentations into your back. This does release the muscle and tissue, and when you get back up, fresh blood can rush into these trigger point releases, releasing a lot of tension.

Tension were a lot of pain comes from.

When muscles get tight, it is a Snowball Effect that causes less blood flow to the tissue, causing more tightness and eventually pressing against nerves, causing pain like sciatic nerve and other excruciating muscle spasm and joint pain. Sometimes a patient can think that their joint is in pain, and there is a joint issue at all. It’s actually no joint issue at all. It is the tight muscles around the joints, causing the tension on the joint itself. In most cases, the muscles get tight, then the tendons and ligaments pull tension on the joint, then the joint gets inflamed, and you start feeling the inflammation in the joint itself. This is why stretching and percussion massage foam rolling, and all these other recovery activities bring so much benefit. You’re releasing the tension, which oftentimes is the original cause. The tricky part is figuring out the chin coming from and what is causing the tension in the muscle and joint figure this out, and you’ll solve 75% of your everyday pains.

Air Back Lumbar Disc Decompression

Back Lumbar Disc Decompression Belt inflatable lumbar support Large
Back Lumbar Disc Decompression

I have never personally used this product, but it sounds amazing. The way that it works is an expandable belt that pumps up with air. Stretching out your spine, relieving pressure off of your joints and nerve endings. The really nice benefit of it is that you can strap it on and pump up the pressure to comfortability, very adjustable for your comfort zone.

 I thought this would be something great for me to get in the future for the days that I’m in too much pain to do any exercises or stretching.

 I think it would be an extreme benefit relieving pain the body can’t heal when it’s in constant inflammation. You can get stuck in a cycle of inflammation-causing more inflammation-causing more pain and more stress to the body and not letting you heal.

 this is why cortisone shots work so well, and other types of medical procedures that relax the body enough to heal different medicines do the same thing.

 The human body is an amazing machine, and when it’s in the right environment, it can completely heal itself. Most of all, the things we do to heal ourselves are inhibitors to help the body heal and its natural processes.

Foam Rolling

36 inch foam roller color purple
foam roller

I put a foam roller on this list because it is one of the best ways to relieve your lower back pain. You need to stretch your back muscles but get the healing process going, which is the ultimate goal to recover completely. You need fresh blood into the injured area blood carries nutrients, oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and everything to rebuild the damaged lower back.

Using a foam roller plus these other stretching devices and stretches, you can relax the muscles long to gate them with stretching and use a foam roller to force fresh blood into the area. Foam rolling different technique you can use as a muscle trigger point release tool.

Just roll around until you find a sore area muscle knot and wait it out until it releases. If it doesn’t release right away, then you can continue rolling and circulating the blood flow to that area and come back to it later. It is a great tool. I really recommend the first tool you should purchase if you’re going to buy something for recovery. All the top athletes use them almost every day, and the percussion massager hand tools.

Foam Posture Corrector With Trigger Release

lumbar back posture corrector stretcher and massager
posture corrector

This posture corrector is the same as the other one that is more popular, except for this posture corrector has many more trigger points, and the phone version is constructed like the foam rollers. This posture corrector’s upper benefits are a lot more trigger points and a very nice spine cradle to cushion the spine and release the trigger points close to the spine. It’s a lot more comfortable than some posture correctors with its phone Construction. It will not move around on you as much as others. It will stick and place wherever you lay it with its cushion foam Construction. If you use this every day for a few minutes, you will start to reverse your posture and repair it.

This one is even good to kind of roll on your side and works on your Latissimus Dorsi Muscle on your side body that can get tight and build up some trigger points that will tighten your lower back. Contrary to belief, your lower back can be giving you pain because of muscles lower and the chain or above the chain massage therapist. Chiropractors talk about working from A to B. It’s not always the symptomatic location is your problem, so you want to start where the pain is and work your way out and recovering lower back pain.

You will find tight muscles and sore muscles with knots in them that weren’t causing you pain, and you did not know where there, and once you release them, you may find the pain in your lower back to go away. That’s why I recommend to do a full-body stretch routine a couple of times a week and to do a full-body foam rolling or percussion massage a couple of times a week and maybe every day until you get recovered but never overdo any massage or percussion massage just like exercise you need rest days when you stretch the muscle you are tearing little microfibers. You are causing damage to the muscle but in a good way, just like lifting weights. And as they say, a loose muscle is a strong muscle. The more Mobility you have in your muscle will actually give you more strength.

Orthopedic Back Stretcher

Jaclean Stretch Mate Orthopedic Back Stretcher
Orthopedic Back Stretcher

This Orthopedic posture correction tool is the idea of the other two. Still, you’re able to use this one sitting in a chair, or you can use it in a bed propped up with a pillow. It has massager rings in it that are a little different than the other two posture correction. You can pinpoint trigger points around the spine a little bit better than the other two. Still, you’re not going to get a broader massage area as the other two posture correction supports listed above. The only big benefit of this one is that if your back is too bad of shape to lay on the floor, you can use it in an upright position in a chair or recliner. This one has that upper hand over the other ones.

But suppose you are morning something with less work. In that case, you can try getting a cheaper percussion massager to click here to this post where I talked about a cheaper one. I’ll be doing reviews on more expensive ones. Still, mainly I wanted to dedicate the site to more affordable recovery tools. Some of these high-end tools can cost as much as $500. I don’t know, maybe that’s not a lot of money for you, but $500 usually is my whole paycheck unless I get a lot of hours, so I’m not really that excited about dropping a week’s worth of work on one of anything let alone something that I don’t know if it’s going to work or not if I haven’t used it yet. Haha, so I hope that I help people cut through some of the technical jargon and get some real facts without all the big fancy words.  I don’t particularly appreciate when people start using big fancy words that I don’t usually understand. They’re just trying to sound smarter than you when they’re not.

Back Hyper-Extension

AB/HYPER BENCH PRO -Adjustable Hyper-Extension Back Exercise Roman Chair Workout
Back Exercise Bench

The back hyperextension bench is more of a back exercise machine. Still, I put this one on the list because strengthening your back will prevent further injury and inflammation and pain acting back up again. Recovery tools are great, and rest and Recovery medicine heat compresses. All these recovery techniques are really great, but if you don’t strengthen the weekend muscle after the damaged injury, you’re just going to injure it re-. This is why a lot of people go through several weeks of physical therapy after an accident. The philosophical therapist is educated deeply on ligament and tendon muscle anatomy. They know about the type of injury you had.

They know scientifically which ligaments tendons muscles need to be restraint than these annoying little exercises that these therapists give use seem meaningless but targeted to Pacific adjectives. Doing these little Physical Therapy movements will strengthen the damaged area and not only get you back to normal activities will prevent further injury.

Have you ever noticed that maybe you got a little sick from sore from an injury or out of the blue for no reason you don’t know why and then maybe months even later you’ll start getting a lot of pain in this area for no reason and won’t know why?

Pain can swell up in the body from injury from years ago. Even injuries as a child can affect you in midlife. This is why an exercise routine is just as important as a recovery routine. When you have lower back problems, you could have a weakness in the stomach’s abdominal area or have weakness in your hamstrings. With this back extension machine, you’ll strengthen their weak points. It is definitely not a complete replacement to fully strengthen the back. Still, it covers a lot of the basic muscles. You need to have a strong lower back. When these supporting muscles get weak, the tension and load you bear, whatever you do physically, go to the lower back, and the lower back takes all the abuse. Hence, you want to strengthen Associated muscles like your core and your hamstrings to protect your lower back. Let me tell you that back pain is nothing to play with. Once your lower back gets out of whack, it can really stop you in your track. And it can take years to recover from depending on how much damage has been done.

Lower Back Butt, And Hamstring Stretcher

Back Stretcher Gluteus maximus and hamstring stretcher
Lower back glute and hamstring stretcher

This stretcher is amazing. I use it all the time at my local gym. Tight glutes and hamstrings are tight butt cheeks as why I call it. These are big muscle groups, and they can pull a lot of tension on the lower back. When they get tight, you may not feel any tension, and your lower back will, and that’s where the pain you will feel. I battled a long time working on my lower back when my tight butt and tight hamstrings. Stretching your glutes and hamstrings can be challenging on your own, with this little machine put you in an easier position to do a more Focus static stretch. After you do this for a while, even if you’re not having back problems, your lower back feels like there’s less pressure on it. These are some of the biggest muscles in your body, and they can put wear and tear on other joints without really knowing it. I’ve been doing yoga and stretching pretty regularly for a couple of years now, and my glutes still are very tight, and my hamstrings, even from years of stretching, still tighten back up. They are a muscle that you will have to stretch a lot over along. Of time to regain the flexibility in them if you lost the flexibility like I have, and most people will as we age if we don’t stretch out arm muscles.

Back Body Stretching

Stretching for the lower back Bob And Brad
Back body  stretching
upper back stretching

Stretching for the lower back should be considered stretching the entire back. Everything is connected, so now I will get into some stretching. That way, this will be a complete article on everything that you’ll need to fix your lower back pain!  I’ve been around the ringer more times than I’d like to have gone through. Still, hopefully, my pain will be your gain. If you’re going to recover from lower back pain, be prepared to put a lot of time in to get out of the pain and be prepared to even more maintenance for the lower back to keep from that pain coming back.  back problems run deep in my family. I’ve probably got some of the worst back problems, but this is not just my genetics; I’ve been in many injuries. My back has been broken in multiple places, so hopefully, you’re not at the extreme of back care like I need to function everyday tasks, but this will be good for anyone who has lower back pain. These are all things to keep in mind.

 Number one diet

Many foods affect the body in different ways, and bad foods, as we know they’re not good for us, but they will tighten up muscle, and you may think you have a muscle problem or joint problem when really it’s just a diet problem.

 Number two

 Whether you use a percussion massager or a massage device, starting with massage therapy is where you want to start and is the safest to recover your lower back before diving into other lower back release methods.

 Number three

 Once you have released a lot of tension from massage and other therapies, you can start a restriction routine. I have a friend that does 15 minutes of back stretches every morning before he starts his day, and he would not be able to get out of bed the next morning if he did not do the stretches the morning before.

Number four

 Once you’ve used your body and loosened it up through massage therapy, percussion massage, and doing a daily stretch routine, it is now time to start adding exercise. I don’t mean exercise go to the gym, grab big heavyweights, scream and yell and snore Armonia or whatever they do no and NO, don’t do any of that. Look at back exercises like a physical therapist. If you have the opportunity to talk to a physical therapist, I recommend doing so and even asking them for exercise advice on what to do for your personal back. But simple exercises are done with back extensions with just your bodyweight or even just rubber bands. You can YouTube these or Google them. There are tons of physical therapy back exercises that you can do to strengthen the muscle. Once you loosen the muscle and stretch the muscle there all these listed above, you can start strengthening it and what you will have is a complete program strength lengthen loosen kill program that will get you back to everyday tasks and maintain it. That’s the ultimate key is to come up with a recovery program and then a maintenance program that way, you maintain the hard work you’ve put in.  I know we all want that magic pill to do this and this one thing, and then you’re good to go, but that’s not how it works. The older we get, the worse we get, so our maintenance plans become more of a masked, and as you get older, you’re going to need to modify your maintenance plan to your personal needs. Some people may need more, some people may need less. Some top-performing athletes have a stretching program that is over 2 hours long, and they do it every day. The average person won’t have time for that, but the average person doesn’t run a marathon every day either, and I don’t recommend anyone to do that, but for some, it is a lifestyle.

Tip number 5

 If you do not know where to start, I would see a young lady that is absolutely unbelievable with more beginner yoga programs in mind. Just search on YouTube. I’ll put a link here to whatever body part that is troubling your yoga, and you’ll find all kinds of people with different yoga programs. I usually search for Adrian’s lower back yoga, and she has a lot of good yoga sessions that you can follow along with if you do the sessions every day. She does have 30-day challenge words cannot describe the transformation you will feel by just doing yoga every day. Yoga, you’re strengthening, tightening, toning, balancing, and stretching your muscles, really. It is the complete recovery program that you need. Now at first, don’t get discouraged. A lot of these visitations you can’t even get into at first are things to work at. That’s why it’s called Your Daily Yoga practice. Hence, the name practice is something you need to practice every day, bringing new life to your life.

Yoga With Adriene