The Bad About Percussion Massage – When It’s Not Safe

blood clotting-not safe to use massage gun

Are Massage Guns Safe?

There is a lot of good talk about percussion massagers and their benefits, and in this post, I want to go over everything bad and be harmful when using a percussion massager.

It could be dangerous for some people to use a Percussion Massager, and for other people, it could cause more irritation and more Health issues. I’m going to go into dep about all the ins and outs of percussion massage, and hopefully, by the end of this, you will have a good idea whether percussion massage is going to be right for you or not.

Can Massage Guns Be Life Threatening?

Yes, they can. There was an article published on rhabdo dialysis that a percussion massager caused on a Chinese 25-year-old woman. Anything can be overdone rhabdomyolysis can be done from over-exercise and other forms of activities. When I chiropractor adjusts you, they cause inflammation to the joints, promoting healing for most people. When you get a deep tissue massage, you may be sore the next day damage caused to the soft facia promotes deep healing. Certain types of damage to the body can promote healing over exceeding this, especially with a percussion massager can cause serious injury. I wrote a more in-depth article on the young Chinese girl who almost died from the percussion massager.

Massage Gun Disadvantages

Disadvantages of a massage gun sometimes you need to hold I static pressure on a trigger point trying to release trigger points is a lot harder with a massage gun occasionally they won’t release without static pressure holding for a minute, or so I massage gun is great for an all-over massage and getting everything is broken up very quickly it is the quickest thing you could use to break up your muscle and soft tissue but not as effective to release trigger points.

Are Percussion Massagers Good For You?

Percussion massagers can be very good for you. Relieving pain and inflammation much quicker than other self-employed made it massages. I still use foam rolling, stretching, and even myself and hand massage, but I have noticed that I can speed up my recovery sessions using a percussion massager.

Percussion massagers could be bad for you if you have some of the following issues

  • blood clots
  • Easy bruising
  • Some medication like blood pressure medicine
  • Neurological Pain Syndromes

If you have any of these issues, you want to avoid percussion massager and talk to your doctor before getting any message of any kind. If you have blood clotting issues, any type of massage could be bad for you. For the most part, the average healthy person has nothing to worry about percussion Percussion massage.

Are Percussion Massagers Safe For Sciatica?

Absolutely sciatic nerve pain is actually what got me into percussion massage. Dealing with it for years, I often found a percussion massager with the pointy tip able to get deep into the hip tissue to release sciatic nerve pain for the legs. Many other types of massage, some rolling and tennis ball or baseball trigger point release techniques, don’t reach the areas very well to release sciatic nerve pain. This is where I percussion massage with the right attachment can be a lifesaver!

Can Massage Guns Cause Blood Clots?

Yes, but not in most healthy people. If you have issues with blood clotting, I will avoid percussion massager altogether. Usually, percussion massage would not cause blood clotting. Still, if you are prone to blood clotting, percussion massage hence the name percussion it is pouncing on you, and some of these percussion massagers can move at 3000 RPM with a powerful impact of up to 60 pounds of Stall strength. This could not only cause a blood clot, and a person who is prone to blood clotting could also release blood clots into the bloodstream that are already there. This can become extremely dangerous and life-threatening.

If you think that you are at risk at blood clotting do not use a percussion massager.

Recommended before getting any massage when at risk to blood clotting talk to your doctor about your personality to get a massage by a hired masseuse or even perform massage on yourself.

Can Massage Guns Be Harmful?

Listed above, massage cans can become harmful with blood clotting. There are some other things to be careful of if you have any bone issues or neurological issues. The vibration could cause some issues and unpleasant feelings, burning and itching.

Here’s a post where I talked about some things to prevent itching and a normal case.

For the most part, a massage gun will not cause any damage to your average healthy person. Most of the work done with the percussion massager will increase covering and read the body of inflammation and aid the body in healing itself.

Percussion massager’s only getting a little pain around joints, and on bones and nerve areas, you will know when you’re getting too close, and you’ll be able to back off before you cause something harmful.

Can Theragun Cause Damage?

Thera gun, unlike any other percussion massager, for the most part, will not cause damage to the average healthy person, but if you are prone to blood clots or some bone density issues, the vibration can cause some irritation and other problems. Thera gun is one of the most powerful percussion massagers, with a very high stall strength. You could hurt yourself if you tried attentionally. It is a tool, and it should be used properly. You would never play around with it like a toy and run up and hold it on somebody goofing off with it. Horse playing should not be done. It is a toll and is very powerful, and the tool should be used properly.

Massage Gun Disadvantages

I am a pro massage gun, but there is a lot of disadvantages. There are many pros for massage guns, but those are pretty obvious the health benefits and relieving of information, and speeding up recovery time.

The disadvantages come in the other forms of massage that you can get a percussion massager doesn’t compare to a hired professional massage done won. The professional knows the body and can apply pressure in certain areas to release things that a percussion massager cannot deal with.

A percussion massager works as a vertical massage, which is also a disadvantage in certain situations. The percussion massage is working The tissue vertically, which is the opposite of a horizontal massage by a massage therapist foam rolling and even trigger point release types methods.

But there again, I am vertical percussion massage especially buying a percussion massager powered by an electric motor is going to deliver I am massage that almost no other type of massage can do. Still, the disadvantage is it’s an ability to move large volumes of blood through the soft tissue blood is your healer blood carries all your nutrients and detoxification properties to restore the damaged tissue. When using a foam roller or a masseuse performing a massage with their arm pushing at the top of the muscle attachment, they can work all the way through vertically pushing the blood nutrients through the muscle, getting a better release.

Still, if you’re at home, I percussion massager can be something you can use every day, or in a moment of sciatic nerve pain, I’ve woken up with muscle spasms unable to massage myself physically. At three in the morning, I don’t know of any massage therapist available having the percussion massager by my bedside, turning it on, and putting on the spasm until it relaxes. I could go back to sleep, haha. There is nothing more disturbing than waking up with a muscle spasm in both your legs, unable to walk and unable to move, absolutely excruciating I laugh about it now. It is not funny now, but it is funny looking back at me wallowing in the bed, moaning and groaning like I’m dying, haha.

Massage Gun On The Stomach

Running a percussion massager on your stomach is not a real big deal. Still, there are some things to consider if you’re having any type of organ issues spleen issue liver stones are gallstones, and even kidney stones on the back of the body do you want to avoid running a percussion massager in these areas.

You can release stones from the vibration, and if the stone is big enough, I could send you a trip to Hospital. And if you’re pregnant, some will say that you can use a percussion massager.

But I recommend to not use a percussion massager on any part of your body if you’re pregnant if you want to experiment with us get in a swimming pool go underwater and have somebody run the percussion massager on the outside of the pool I know this is kind of an extreme situation but to put it in to perspective have you ever swam in an above ground pool and somebody would be banging and playing on top the water or hitting the size of the pool you’re able to hear the percussion a vibration from the hitting and slapping through the water this is just my personal theory but a fetus a baby is in the womb of water and even they’re still developing and they’re not going to remember what’s going on I would want the best for my baby and I think the best would be for the less vibration going through my body going through my baby any vibration I would want to avoid roller coasters driving fast cars or anything like that although there is people who work out do dancing and all sorts of crazy active things pregnant to play it safe I would not use the percussion massager while pregnant.

Massage Gun Pros And Cons

I wrote more about percussion massage pros and cons here

The main pros are the versatility, the time and the effectiveness, and the convenience and percussion massager is very time-saving convenient. You can get a lot done in a short amount of time, almost anywhere.

Cons they can be expensive, and they could not be right for everyone depending on your overall health condition certain types of recovery are not ideal for percussion massager like an accident of severity a hand masseuse massage could be a better choice for somebody recovering from Serious accident

Percussion massages are best for athlete’s high-intensity workout programs for better recovery times.

Percussive Massage Research

Even though percussion massagers are pretty new, there is a lot of research being done on them and the benefits and recovery options they deliver.

here’s a link to one of my favorite research papers on percussion massager is on their benefits

Where Should You Not Use A Massage Gun?

It would be best if you did not use the percussion massager and the places you probably are ready to like your head, kneecaps, and bony areas. Still, it would be best to use a percussion massager anywhere you feel a burning, stinging pain. There can be a little discomfort when using a percussion massager. Still, it should never be excruciating, and it should never be burning and stinging. It should be more of a study static paying a release you’ve experienced from a hand massage.

You don’t want to use a percussion massager directly on the kidneys. It’s probably best not to use a per customer Sean sure on the right or left side of the abdomen for most people.

You could jar some kidney stones or liver stones loose cause a trap stone excruciating pain if you’ve ever experienced gallstones.

If you have a gallstone issue, the best thing adapts a whole food plant-based mainly diet or at least go on a vegan diet for a couple of months. Vegetables will actually soften and shrink gallstones and liver stones and make them loose and soft and help you pass them naturally without surgery.


There are many things to consider when it comes to using a percussion massager, and can it be bad for you. For the most part, most people will not have any issue using a percussion massager, but it could be very bad for some people. There is a Lotta disadvantage in that a percussion massager has some people think it can be a replacement for all massage, and that’s most certainly not the case. Percussion massager has a unique ability to do things that other massagers can’t. Still, they are not and you all and doll, but if you were thinking about getting a percussion massager, I highly recommend you to and maybe not get a top and one start with something under $150 or even low as $100. I started well one under $100, which I do not recommend the quality is not there. Still, at $100, you can get a decent percussion massager and get to know how they work and if you even like them at all, and then later you could move on to something bigger or better!