Percussion Massaging For Kidney Stones Is It Safe?

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Massage gun for kidney stones? Yes, percussion massaging can help kidneys pass stones. Whether it’s safe or not is depending on the size of the stones you have. For people with larger stones, Especially men, it will be harder to pass.

When Not To Massage percussion The Kidneys

If you have larger stones when your body is trying to pass them, they can get stuck cause a lot of pain. In some cases, surgery is needed to get the stones out.
So before you do any massaging to the kidneys, talk to your doctor.

What If I Have Large Stone
You want to avoid kidney massage, but the good news is that if you do a diet change, you can soften and shrink the stones to a size that your body can pass comfortably pass.

Food like Lemmon, an apple cider vinegar can soften shrink your kidney stones over time. Foods to avoid are high in sugar like soda pops, high processed food, greasy pizza, and all the food we love. Sports drinks are a big problem as well. The high amounts of sugar sodium really tax is a kidney. Adopting a whole food diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, clean meats grass-fed is what to lean your eating habits towards it not that hard if you think this food you are about to eat is not good for well… itas probably not. I battled with this for a long time. There’s so much info out there. This is bad; it was so frustrating at first. What in hack do a eat to be safe. I found that going back to be for all these health problems came about what our ancestors eat well… It was real food. They didn’t have to process anything. Once I went to a whole food diet, the best I can whenever making a meal with the whole food at hand, I notest my health improve like nothing before my eyesight even got better!

If you have been to the doctor, they think your stone will pass on their own, then yes, a massage gun lightly on the kidneys with helping them.

Even if you don’t have kidney stones, a massage on the back lower body kidney massage is healthy for the kidneys. Some people will go as far as to lightly smack the kidney area with the back of there hands to stimulate the area to sport good blood flow to the kidneys


Clean up the diet are kidneys get clog up from poor diet in the first place now unfortunately for some people these a Gene disposition that can cause some people to build up stones there 3 types of stone that can build up there are medication that can help.

Look into your family history and see if other members have had problems, so it’s even more important to watch your diet. I keep saying diet because if you ever heard you are what you eat well, it’s true. Everything we eat our body has to process breakdown store is fuel or try to burn and separate the poison from the nutrients yes poison many things are poisonous in our food pesticides herbicides. Water pollution our bodies are an amazing filter Factory and reality constantly processing the food we eat and the air we breathe sometimes the filter gets clogged up and in some cases in the form of kidney stones!

WHAT CAN cause kidney stones to come loose
there are reports of people jumping using impact tools to jostle the body, and even after sex dislodge in kidneys, it’s not a big deal. It is good for them to come loose and let you pass them, but if they are large and they get stuck, and the urinary tract the pain can be excruciating, surgery May need to be done.

 non-invasive kidney stone removal

 A new procedure involves the electric shock waves put directly into the kidneys that pass through the skin and to the kidneys breaking up the stones into smaller pieces giving you the ability to pass them without any surgery. If you have kidney stones, it is something that you can look into. There are some informative videos on YouTube.

 Massaging the kidneys goes way back thousands of years, and the martial art and Fitness lifestyle the monks what do a type of hand throwing back and forth to innocence percussion massage the lower part of the back thus massaging the kidneys.

Any type of massage for the kidneys can be healthy. Whether you lightly tap with your own hands or a massage therapist massages your kidney area using a percussion massager could be beneficial. Still, it is a delicate area you would not want to over massage that is a vital organ that you don’t want to damage.

 You ever heard in the boxing community the announcer talking about the kidney shots? If you take a large blow there, it can be excruciating and can cause bleeding of the kidney, so never take a percussion massager and run it at full capacity. It is not a calf muscle. It is an organ back there mostly.

 On top of the kidneys, you have your adrenal glands. A healthy kidney has a healthy adrenal Health adrenal, a healthy kidney kind of work together. The adrenal glands are important hormone production of cortisol a little bit of cortisol is good. Still, you may have heard the saying of fight or flight or too much cortisol where cortisol is produced in the gland above the kidney.

 Going a little deeper, but if you have kidney problems, kidney stone problems, you could have cortisol problems. All this could be linked together.

 One way to self assess is midsection fat cortisol elevated levels a lot of times is where the midsection fat comes from cortisol is a stress hormone a survival hormone when is present your body is prepared 4 danger fighting life-preserving so your body will not properly digest food pulls the blood away from the digestive system and put your body into protection mode.

 Caffeine has been known to raise cortisol 24 hours after consuming one cup of caffeine. I just had a cup of coffee. I love that stuff, but I really try to moderate it because I know the effects of raising cortisol.

 going a little deeper…

 Good Kidney Health is essential. If you damage your kidneys, there’s not much to reverse it. A lot of the damage is not reversible so you need to take care of them. Things to do are to eat a normal healthy diet, a whole food plant-based surrounded by fresh vegetables fresh fruit and grass-fed Meats.

 I believe vegan and leaning towards raw vegan is the most healthy diet you can do, except it is not practical for most people and modern society. The amount of vegetables you have to consume to reach the daily nutrient requirements is nearly impossible for most people.

 I was vegan for over a year. I rolled vegan for 6 months. It completely changed my life, and I had health benefits and healed from things that I’ve had dealing with for 10 years. I highly recommend to try it, but with what I know now, it is hard to keep your nutrients up, some things you can’t get without meat in your diet.

 Lemon juice or lemon water daily is a great cleanser for the kidneys. Eating any citrus fruits, even pineapple are good as well.

 Spinach could build up some kidney stones if you were to eat a lot of it that is only leafy vegetables that I do moderate.

 Drinking tart cherry juice is very good too and always drinking lots of water depending on the environment the time of year and your activity rule of thumb is 1 oz of water 2 every two pounds of body fat So if a person weighs 200 lb, they should be drinking 100 oz of water a day seems like a lot but my way at 180 I have drunk 130 hundred 50 oz of water one day in extreme heat.

 If you get dehydrated, your kidneys will have to work harder. Severe dehydration can actually damage your kidneys.

 The best rule of thumb

I’ve ever heard if you’re thirsty drink water. Sometimes when you’re hungry, it’s because you’re thirsty, so drink a glass of water and see if you’re still hungry later our bodies are 70% water I’m no mathematician, but I think water should be one of our most important things to keep a healthy long, strong, happy life.