Percussion massage Break Down Of Body Fat And Tissue

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Can a massage gun break up fat?

Sorry, no massage gun or Vibrational device can’t break down fat cells, but a massage gun or therapeutic massage therapist can do some things to speed up the process of breaking down fat and getting rid of loose skin from weight loss.

How massage can help weight loss

Massage therapy or a percussion massage gun can help stimulate the area that you’ve recently lost body fat in as we age. Soft tissue gets stiffer and loses its flexibility. Massaging promotes circulation and blood flow to the older dead cells stimulating growth and eliminating the dead cells from aging.

 Fat cells cannot be squashed, massages cannot break up fat deposits, but if you’re when a fat-burning state. Your body is breaking down fat cells, and using a massage gun on the stomach area or any area of the body that your morning that excess stubborn fat to go away will stimulate that area for better circulation. However, you can’t lose the fat without the body breaking it down, but you can assist the body most definitely and ridding the fat by promoting circulation in these areas that you want to lose fat.

How does the body burn fat?

There is only one way to get rid of fat, and that is up to your body has to go down into the cells and break them down into fatty chain acids that the body can use as a fuel.

 I can use many big science words like  ATP  and the mitochondria if you’re more interested in learning about the actual science. Some great people on YouTube and Google go into depth. I’m going to keep it simple here the best way I understand things.

Keeping it simple whenever you eat food, your body tries to store as much of it as possible. It uses what it needs and only what it means and puts the rest and Storage.

 I believe in the Primal day’s things were very scarce, and as human survivors, our bodies learn to adapt too scarce times by storing fat and burning it later for survival, so when we eat things, our body tries to store as much as possible.

 That’s why I for most people three Square meals a day with snacks you’re usually gaining weight you never go hungry because we don’t live in a primal Society anymore where we may go a whole day without food back in 10000 BC.

To lose body fat, there’s really only a couple of ways

  1. caloric deficit
  2. High-intensity exercise
  3.  low-intensity endurance exercise
  4. ketogenic diet

What I find fascinating is that all the ways to burn body fat really come down to the same thing whether you’re dieting, whether you’re reducing carbs or no carbs, or whether you’re exercising from daylight to dark, it all comes down to the simple breakdown of body fat storage.

 there’s a lot of factors metabolism can be a problem for a lot of people if your metabolism  has crashed

It may seem that these diets and exercise programs don’t work if that’s the case, you’re going to want to look into resetting your tablet metabolism. 

Resetting metabolism body not burning fat

I won’t go into the science; I will keep it simple, but in my experience, the best way to reset a metabolism is cutting out everything that destroys your metabolism. Unfortunately, you will have to quit eating at restaurants the way food and almost every restaurant has prepared shut your fat-burning abilities down for 3 to 4 days.

 I personally experienced this on my weight-loss journey. I would eat out once on the weekend for a cheat day and noticed the scale keeps getting heavier for three days. Finally, I decided to quit eating out, and I lost weight at a more steady rate.

 Once you cut out restaurant food, then you’re going to want to cut out the refined carbohydrates and processed sugars basically anything, and a box that has more than six or seven ingredients have hidden refined processed sugars is something to be avoided if you’re really serious about resetting your metabolism.

 Before you reset, your metabolism needs to be really strict and give your body a break from all the harmful foods and sugars.

 Going to a whole food primary plant-based diet, I am not vegan, although I did go vegan for six months. I recommend anybody to try it out.

 I still consume some animal products, but only grass-fed animal products. I do not want to push anybody towards any specific diet.

But you need to pick something that you can stick with. That way, your weight loss doesn’t come back if you go back to your old eating ways. You are most definitely just going to gain it back if that’s what got you there in the first place, well, it’ll get you back there and maybe worse.

 Keeping it simple if you eat real food, a real potato hopefully a sweet potato, a real Apple real lettuce real food this stuff that’s in most boxed packaged pre-made sauce jar is not really what happens is the body sees it as an afford in Vader and impacts your immune system as if a virus or a foreign body has entered the body and only acts in the way it knows how firing inflammation if this goes on long enough the immune system will go on Warrior mode and tax everything on this is where some of your IBS and leaky gut autoimmune diseases come from I don’t like calling them diseases they should be more like called an intelligent body telling you hey dummy you’re poisoning me quit it.

For the small part of the population with these great genetics, they can eat whatever they want whenever they want and never gain any weight. Still, for many people and me, you can’t do that without some serious repercussions in the form of midsection body fat. Once you get out of your 20s and into your 30s and even worse in your 40s and 50s, your body slows down and wants to store more fat, so as we age, we will have to get stricter with our choices.

 But this is why I like the whole food 30 diet idea or just in general, a whole food diet or Mediterranean diet and I don’t like the word diet either as so commercialized really eat real food. The body can use it as a real fuel store and detoxify what is needed to be done.

 When you eat unreal food, which is anything process to the point that the immune system does not recognize it as food when you do this there is nothing that the body can do with it except store as body fat and later to try to break it down into fat that it can be used or less a fuel that can be burned for energy.

Once you clean up your diet, and you notice your body fat is going down, you can use massage therapy to help break up the tissue and get circulation better to the area. Your body will be able to burn body fat and detoxify better basically. It is a part of detoxification when you get a message. That’s why it is recommended to drink a lot of water afterward. Some people have reported getting headaches and nausea from all the toxins being released stored in the fatty tissue and soft tissue tendons and muscles.

  Massage, no matter how it is done with a percussion massage or your own hand massage, you are detoxifying your body.

Eating the proper foods and getting the proper exercise will speed up your body’s age and the reading of the stored toxins that you’ve communicated over these years.


 Eat real food, try to get 45 minutes of light exercise every day, lower household toxins, try to get sunlight every day, or supplement with vitamin D water. The body detoxifies a lot through the urinary tract, and kidneys drink lemon water to help with this eating Centris fruits. Oranges grapefruit is delicious to help detoxify that way, but in summary, stay hydrated, eat real food, get moderate exercise every day, and reverse body fat and over a. In time you will be down to your high school weight or even better like me. I graduated at 180 lb, went up to 306 lb, and now I’m down to 170. I got as low as 163, started lifting weights, and put on some muscle mass but sticking to eye real food diet as I call it a whole food diet you can maintain most importantly you got the rest of your life don’t rush it if you’re only losing 1 pound a week that’s great and really if you only lose 1 pound a month that is fine too if you gained a pound in a month you need to look at what you’re doing a little closer what is a long as you keep putting that positive weight off the scale every couple weeks. You do this over a couple of years, you’ll eventually be down to a bodyweight that makes you very happy, and that’s what it’s about quality of life. I tell people you really don’t know the quality of life you’re missing being overweight. Once you get there, you’ll wish you did it sooner. You’ll never want to go back.