Percussion Massager Break Up Scar tissue – Nerve Pain

Belly Scar From Surgery Staples Removed

Can a massage gun break up scar tissue?

 Yes, just like a regular deep tissue massage and even Foam rollers, the same idea applies. It’s all about getting the tissue broken apart so the healing can begin.

When working with Body tissue, the thing to keep in mind is how the tissue fiber lay when using any form of massage hand, roller, massage gun percussion in thinking to not move along with the tissue fiber but moving across ways.

Massaging the tissue across ways will break down the scar tissue and relieve the inflammation letting the body’s natural healing processes take hold.

If you’re not sure what Direction muscle fibers are going, just Google the muscle or location you’re working.

 Google, forearm Anatomy Google Images should give you many pictures related to the direction of muscle fibers. Depending on what part of the forearm you’re working on, you can get a rough idea to see muscle fiber movement. Then you would want to workout.

Massage not against the muscle fibers and not along muscle fibers but going across the muscle fibers. This will break up the scar tissue and give you the maximum benefit of healing.

 You do not want to stretch the muscle with this type of Massage your morning to break up the damage when the scar tissue and inflammation can get stuck. The body can have a hard time reading it but using a foam rolling massage gun, Percussion Gun, and even your hand, if possible as a deep tissue massage, can break up and get the flow and circulation back into the targeted area.

 The idea and benefit of this promotes blood flow, bring oxygen and nutrients into the damaged area, letting the natural healing process and recovery time shortening.

 Now in many cases, you may have experienced in your bodily injuries, you get a little kink in your neck or maybe in your back somewhere, and it just doesn’t go away, and it sticks around for months. What happens when Scar Tissue gets dealt up in the body cannot carry in the blood, nutrients, and oxygen to repair the area. As we get older, this gets worse with age.

 Remember when you were younger, can you sell out the tree or jumped off the trampoline? You’re a little sore for a couple of days, maybe, and then you were good to go. You didn’t need a deep tissue massage or theragun work to get moving again, haha.

As we get older, our body’s ability loses its natural ability to rid inflammation, but we can Aid in inflammation and Scar Tissue relieved through recovery massage stretching therapy. You can pay for a massage therapist. I recommend for serious cases to seek out a massage therapist, but there’s a lot that you can do at home.

 Just keep in mind that you need to stop and listen to your body if you’re massaging in excruciating pain. 

Massage therapists are trained to feel nerve endings and know that staying away from the nerve ends does not need to be massaged.

The causes a lot of pain in scar tissue builds around the nerve endings. The nerve endings send the signal to our brain, experiencing the pain like sciatic nerve pain you may have heard. It’s not the nerve causing pain, usually more than the scar tissue or inflammation around the nerve ending.

 An anti-inflammatory diet is beneficial for somebody who has inflammatory issues or autoimmune issues, or gluten intolerant issues. Diet plays a significant role in the body’s ability to fight inflammation.

Massage therapy, whether you’re using a therapist or some type of tool, the same idea applies to break up the scar tissue, promoting circulation so the body’s innate natural healing processes can take over the bottom line.

 What can we do to speed it up

 Lowering our caffeine and nicotine and tags, both of these chemicals restrict blood flow, especially in the lower back. Still, all nervous systems get stimulated and Titans all of the body.

Some surgeries Require the Patient not to have nicotine or caffeine in the blood is too dangerous; it may cause blood hemorrhaging.

 Hydration 70% of people walk around dehydrated all the time. If you’re thirsty, you’re probably already dehydrated. Ideally, drink 1 oz of water per every 2 lb of body fat in the colder months. It’s harder to do this. Even if You don’t feel thirsty and drinking caffeine for every 8 oz of caffeine, you should be drinking 16 oz of water caffeine is a diuretic, which dehydrates you 98% of all Americans consume at least one caffeinated beverage a day.

Some foods for some people cause issues when it comes to inflammation. When we’re talking about massage and Recovery, really what we’re trying to do is reduce inflammation. If we can reduce inflammation at a cellular level with diet improper exercise, We can get ahead of the game.

Here’s my top list to lower inflammation, which hindsight lower Scar Tissue buildup

  •  proper hydration
  •  anti-inflammatory diet whole food diet
  •  lowering or quitting caffeine nicotine intake
  •  Meditate
  •  Breathwork
  •  yoga stretching
  •  percussion massage gun
  •  deep tissue massage
  •  foam rolling
  •  herbal supplements lower inflammation
  •  essential oils like frankincense
  •  Environment toxins getting toxic cleaning supplies out of the house and so on

Everything in the list above is something you can Google more on your own and get more in-depth knowledge, or even YouTube has some great videos dr. Ax goes in-depth on a lot of them on YouTube.

I know for a fact that some people have a terrible Gene disposition or inflammatory issues, and eventually, it will start causing nerve problems and nerve damage. It is not something to take lightly. If your body is telling you you have pain, you need to listen and not take something to cover up the pain. I tried to find a holistic natural way to relieve the pain in some cases; nothing can be holistic. I understand, but if we work now on healthy life choices, a lot of this prevented, and we can live a long, happy, fulfilled, strong life.

The topics mostly overlooked affecting nerve pain are scar tissue, Irritating nerve endings.

 In today’s modern world, we sit at a desk that our shoulders rolled forward. We sit on the couch with eyes and Neck Rouned forward, looking down at the cellular device.

 we drive a car what are shoulders and neck in a position for hours each day, sometimes

 Most people’s jobs and home lives against Natural human biomechanics putting our bodies in these unnatural positions. Eventually, the muscles get weak, and we kind of walk around in these hunched over shoulders rolled over neck and ears pass shoulders. Poor posture is what it all comes down to, and once you get into this way, it’s a lot of work to reverse it.

 Why do we want to reverse poor posture?

 Poor posture eventually weakens the muscles, which ultimately puts our bones’ mechanics in the wrong places. 

After many years, the bones can rub against each other are deteriorating cartilage and other issues. Most importantly, it can put pressure against nerve endings, causing excruciating amounts of pain. If this goes on long enough, it cannot be reversible.

 My highest recommendation is to look into Posture. 

Your ear should be over your shoulders. Your shoulder blade should be back.

 We all probably know what Proper posture should be like but being aware of it is a whole other story.

 Take a moment and look in the mirror. Is one shoulder lower than the other look at a profile picture? Have you or have someone take photos of you from all four corners, look at them, and see if one shoulder is forward than the other.

 Now the hard part is once you recognize where you’re carrying one shoulder or your neck out of place, you have to work on this every day. Think about pulling your shoulder blades back, your chin up, ears over shoulders, and straighten your spine

 At first, this will be very discomforting the muscles that have will weaken from your job or everyday life. Unfortunately, the bodies naturally want to are comfortable and takes the path of least resistance.

 If you ever see a fitness person, you see them walking through the store or even at the gym. I noticed this myself. Some of these guys and girls walk up straight, and they look like they got a bounce to their step some of them, but you can tell they’re into fitness because posture is so well-developed.

 One of the big reasons you see Fitness people with excellent posture is because if they don’t carry proper posture, they will start experiencing a lot of pain due to their intense workouts naturally. They develop an excellent everyday posture because they have to focus hard on good form in the gym.

 If you workout with the improper form, it will not take long or even a novice to know that they’re doing something wrong the pain will get excruciating without proper forum very quickly. You will learn that you need to keep an adequate forum to avoid injury.

 The same goes for everyday life. You need to work on proper form, otherwise known as a posture, to avoid pain. If you’re in the gym working out with an improper forum, it will only take a couple of weeks to feel the pain from a poor forum.

 Everyday life with poor posture innately can take years to notice an issue with it. I believe this is why it’s so overlooked you could go 5 to 10 years with poor posture; it starts causing you some physical difficulties.

 It will seem that the pain kind of slowly came from nowhere, and you don’t know what you’ve done wrong to cause it to happen. I went through all this, unfortunately, had to learn the hard way.

 In conclusion

Applying exercise correctly with hydration and stretching, massage and correcting posture, even positive thinking.

 Will benefit and prevent and heal scar tissue nerve pain, preventing it and as relieving.

 It’s the little things we do every day that add up to serious injuries in the future or pain and aches and Kinks that disrupt our daily lives. I hope that you found something that will help you live a happier healthy are strong life. Have a blessed day!