How To Stop Carpal Tunnel With A Massage Gun


Carpal tunnel happens to many of us that are in repetitive motion jobs. When you do anything repetitively, inflammation and imbalance in the muscle or tendon can happen.

For many people in the automotive industries or who work at a computer all day, using your fingers and wrist can cause severe carpal tunnel pain.

In this post, I will tell you how to cure your carpal tunnel without surgery, without creams, and without wearing a brace all the time. I had carpal tunnel so bad that I couldn’t hold a cup of coffee. I refuse to do surgery because so many of my friends got surgery, and 6 months to a year later there Corporal tunnel came back worse. Later I found out that carpal tunnel needs to be corrected, not put a Band-Aid on it with surgery or a brace. Ideally, to get out of the motion or job that is causing the carpal tunnel, but for me, I could not do that, or I’d have no income, so I had to find another way.

What Is Carpal Tunnel?

I’ll briefly go into what carpal tunnel is if you want to read a more in-depth article and go to Basically, the carpal tunnel is inflammation and tightness pulling against the nerve in the wrist. It can cause

  • Burning, tingling, or itching numbness in your palm and thumb or your
  • index and middle fingers
  • Weakness in your hand and trouble holding things
  • Shock-like feelings that move into your fingers
  • Tingling that moves up into your arm

What Causes Carpal Tunnel

The short answer is to overuse repetitive motion with the hands or arms. You can read it more in-depth article At

Now Into The Fix For Carpal Tunnel

Here’s a list of everything I’ll be talking about to fix your carpal tunnel

  • Percussion massage gun
  • Hired masseuse massage
  • Trigger point massage
  • Diet and food
  • Stretching
  • Exercise

We need to understand where carpal tunnel syndrome comes from. You may feel the pain in your wrist and the palm of your hand, but that is the nerve that sends the signal of pain to the brain. The actual problem usually originates from up the Wrist deeper into the forearm and even all the way up into the shoulder.

Our bodies are amazing machines, and everything is connected. You can actually have a tight muscle or trigger point in the shoulder and actually sending pain all the way down to the wrist.

The tightness of the shoulder can tighten up the bicep, tighten up the forearm, and finally put pressure on the nerve of the carpal tunnel in your wrist.

So getting the benefit of relief with a percussion massager, don’t be misled to use the percussion massager where the pain is located. You’re going to want to work the whole arm from the shoulder all the way down to the palm of the hand.

Especially working the forearm upper and lower forearm. I’ll find a good video that demonstrates this on YouTube and post it below.

The best video I could find on YouTube showing you how to use a percussion massager for Corporal tunnel something that he left out that I recommend is working your bicep and your tricep. After you work your forearm, keep on going up. Everything is connected, and your upper arm’s tightness could be putting a strain on your lower arm, causing all the problems in the first place.

Once you work the front and back of your upper arm bicep and tricep, then go up into the shoulder and work all the way up to the neck, gently.

Understanding where carpal tunnel comes from Bad posture and repetitive motion, I’ll go into more detail later about correcting posture. If you work on a computer all day typing or any repetitive motion job, the natural response is to roll your shoulders forward, hunch your neck and get into a bad posture. All this puts strain down your arms and can be a part of your carpal tunnel issues.

So not to correct the carpal tunnel in the forearm itself, work your way all the way up, and even when you’re at work, be mindful of your posture keeping a straight neck and shoulders back position.

If all possible, get a raised desk or raise your computer screen to wear at all, so you’re not looking down or looking up at the screen. You’re looking straightforward. This is the correct posture that will prevent a lot of other pains, including the carpal tunnel.

Carpal tunnel could be coming from your neck Video

If you can picture a spine and your neck bones when they’re straight and inline, everything is in the right position. Still, when you’re constantly looking down or constantly looking up, you’re bending your neck bones or spine bones in a position, and that will cut off circulation and start pinching nerves once the nerve gets inflamed. All sorts of pains can come up the spine bones can actually start deteriorating.

Improper posture can lead to Spine and Neckbone deterioration
Improper Posture Damage

Hired Masseuse Massage

Massage therapy can be one of the biggest help you can do to get you back on track, and then using a percussion massager to keep up with the maintenance massage down the road. Massage therapy can be expensive to get done all the time. However, I highly recommend going to a professional massage therapist at least for a couple of sessions and letting them work deeply into the tissue on you before you consider surgery.

A trained professional can go deep into the tissue, and they know what trigger points to work on and release the tendons that are maybe pulling against the nerves causing your pain in the first place.

Once a massage therapist has you loosened up, and your pain is gone down, inflammation will go down, and then your healing process can happen if the blood flow is cut off from tension, you will not heal.

Once you start the healing process, then you can do carpal tunnel stretches. I’ll list a video as the best way to see how to do Corporal tunnel stretching.


If you are in a repetitive motion job and always use your muscles in One Direction, then an exercise program might be something you want to start working with the other muscle groups that are not being as much used.

You have pushing muscles and pulling muscles, for instance, if you’re in a job and all you do is you pulling motion something around, you’re always working you’re pulling muscles but never working you’re pushing muscles And vice versa if you have a job you’re always pushing something or always lifting something in One Direction.

Therefore you would want to devise a workout plan to work out that works the other muscles you’re not using As Much from your work. By doing this, you’re going to balance out your muscles and balance out your scapula, which will take tension off the nervous system and relieve you of nerve pain and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

Dr.joe carpal tunnel stretching in exercises

Diet and food

I will briefly go into the food because there is so much more stuff that is very important to help relieve you of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Food is very important. More important than actually changing your diet would probably be adding some anti-inflammatory foods into your diet. Juicing cucumbers Ginger and even turmeric can significantly lower the inflammation as your body is recovering from all these stretches and massages.

Especially Ginger is a drying herb it will pull water and inflammation off the body, so as your getting the massage done, fluid will be released into the body, and drinking ginger juice will help pull the toxins and poisons out of your body thus lowering the inflammation and helping you detox.

Is It Okay To Massage Carpal Tunnel

Yes, can you use a massage gun for carpal tunnel Or hand massage by yourself or a hired massage therapist? The video above goes into detail about one of the reasons why surgery does not work for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Many of my friends and family members have gotten Corporal tunnel surgery, and it didn’t do them any good, and the ones that did get a benefit from it within a year were back in the same boat with the pain even worse of my family members. So it is obvious that surgery is not the solution. A better understanding of what could be going on carpal tunnel syndrome could be from a neck issue, a shoulder issue, or an issue in the forearm itself.

This is why I massage can become one of the most powerful and helpful tools, and ridding you of Corporal tunnel syndrome by getting a massage by yourself or even by a hired professional you’re going to uncover some tight and sore areas that you may not even know that was there when you find these areas and get them worked out you might see all your pain go away.

For me, and my experience was very severe, I refuse to get surgery because I’ve seen others’ results. I met my massage therapist, who worked on me and explained that surgery doesn’t work and that I need to start doing Corporal tunnel stretching added with a massage. I am 10 years. No Corporal tunnel pain sometimes, I will have a flare-up to start hurting me a little bit. When that happens, I start doing the massages and stretching that I know. Within a few days, it’s gone if I would stay on a regular stretching plan like everyone should stretch at least a couple of times a week, I would probably never have a flare-up again, and it is rare when I do, and it’s most likely from the lack of stretching I get lazy sometimes.

Can Hand Exercises Help Carpal Tunnel?

Yes, exercise, in general, can help carpal tunnel. Once you’ve gone through the whole post here, you’ll have a big understanding of what carpal tunnel is and where it comes from. It can come from several different locations in the body and usually never where you actually feel it. Just doing an upper body workout that’s lightweight and higher reps that will circulate blood flow and release tension will lower the pain and the pressure that’s put on the nerve that causes carpal tunnel syndrome.

By stretching exercises, you’re going to strengthen the weak muscles and tendons that could be giving out and putting a strain on the carpal tunnel nerve. Whenever you work out, you shrink that muscle you strengthen connective tissue ligaments tendons cartilage exercise is very important for the longevity of joints and ligaments.

The saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it that kind of applies to the body’s mechanics. When you use your muscles and joints, your body will start to rebuild them stronger than before, not just muscle but joint and tendon and cartilage.

And with any workout program, you usually do a stretching program. Together with stretching, it will help LinkedIn the rebuilt ligaments and tendons, and muscle, giving you more distance between the nerve and the joint, alleviating carpal tunnel.

Most people who suffer from the carpal tunnel are not athletes are not people that work really hard Corporal tunnel usually comes from typist mechanics wrenching all day, especially electricians that are always wearing things together with their fingers these types of jobs fatigue the arms in the wrist and once trigger points build up lactic acid, and then tendons and ligaments get tight, and they actually shorten, and then they start playing pressure and pain on the carpal tunnel nerve.

I truly believe that all this is reversible through everything listed here today, from massage, stretching, exercise, and even eating foods that are less inflammatory and eating foods that reduce inflammation like ginger turmeric. All this, I believe, can not only fix carpal tunnel without surgery but make it go away forever.

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How Do I Massage My Hands For Carpal Tunnel

The question should be, how do I massage my forearm, my upper arm, my shoulder, and neck for carpal tunnel? All these parts of the body can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Some people have reported tension being relieved in the neck by a chiropractor relieving them of their carpal tunnel syndrome.

The nervous system is an amazing, complex system that modern medicine still yet to understand fully. It is more complicated than an electrical system on a Tesla Model S.

There is one fix for everybody that would not be the case. Everybody is different, and multiple areas of the body can cause pain in the carpal tunnel nerve.

but the question is how do I massage for carpal tunnel?

You want to work A to B. A being your forearm and B being your neck have you start massaging or massage with a percussion massager or even hand massage the forearm and after the forearm feels relieved and loosened up when you can move up to the bicep. The tricep, the front, and the back of the arm move up to the front delt side delt real delt and some of the trapezius up into the neck working all of the shoulder areas.

Then you’re going to want to do the same massage stretching on the other arm even though you have maybe no carpal tunnel and that arm you’re going to want to balance out the body making one side of the body lose can cause you to pull too far to the other side, so you’re going to want to loosen up both sides equally.

As you’re massaging, especially in the forearms, you will find these little gritty knots like trigger points you’re going to want to apply pressure and try to release them. a lot of these you would not even know were there, but they could be the corporate to your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Some of these will not release with one massage session. It may take four or five sessions before they go away completely, especially the older ones that have been there possibly for years.

Once you start working out all these trigger points, this will relieve tension off of nerves throughout the body and your carpal tunnel.

Massage is great and is very important to release certain things in the soft tissue but don’t forget to start stretching massage with release trigger points but stretching well LinkedIn the muscle intendant’s you need both done as well as adding some exercises in and the video above dr. Joe show some good exercises and stretches that are easy to do.

As we age, things tighten up and get weak, and especially if we do a repetitive motion job, we tightened things more in the wrong direction. Hence, a lot of this stuff is just daily maintenance that we should be doing anyway to keep a healthy working machine.

Can Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Go Away On Its Own

Carpal tunnel can go away on its own, but you have to be in the right position or environment for it to do so the body’s innate ability to heal itself still boggles scientists today. But if you are still in the repetitive motion job or you’re still doing what inflamed the carpal tunnel in the first place, then it will be tough for it to go away on its own.

Say you are a type S for a mechanic and you’ve had carpal tunnel for years, and then you retire if you stop making the repetitive motion, the carpal tunnel will get slightly better.
If you pick up a hobby like cycling or swimming or hiking especially, you will see your comfort tunnel get even better.

If you start doing some stretching and yoga, your Carpal Tunnel Mine goes away altogether.

If you get on a whole food diet low and processed foods, process white flowers and white sugars, your carpal tunnel could go away forever and never come back.

Carpal tunnel really is inflammation against the nerve, and we feel the pain. We don’t feel all the things leading up to the result of the pain of Corporal tunnel syndrome.

So here’s the list to cure carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Exercising the opposing muscles
  • Getting out of the repetitive motion
  • Daily exercise cardio
  • Anti-inflammatory diet
  • Yoga stretching routine
  • Sauna/heat therapy
  • Ice bath or cold packs
  • Mindful meditation
  • 2 hours sleep before midnight
  • 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night

I know that sounds like a crazy long list, but to sum it up, things relax the nervous system, and with Corporal tunnel, you’re experiencing the intense inflamed, burning nervous system.

The carpal tunnel could just be from one of the things not being implemented into your life, but all of them will help the entire nervous system in some way.

Most of the time, the carpal tunnel comes from a job or repetitive motion, but it could be diet it could be bad genetics it could be poor sleep

Some people could change their sleep habits, and their carpal tunnel goes away on its own it is hard to say exactly what is triggering your personal carpal tunnel is different. Carpal tunnel can come from multiple areas of the body, but everybody feeling the pain and the one area of the wrist and palm.

I recommend starting with that list, pick the easiest one that you can change in your lifestyle, and pick one at a time until you hit the one that may be the cure for your carpal tunnel.

I highly recommend against surgery the success rate is not very good, and it just can cause more scar tissue and inflammation, and more problems down the road.

The holistic approach is always the best approach, and sometimes the cheapest and most effective I hope that you get carpal tunnel relief soon and become the best you can be.

Can You Use Massage Gun On Hand

Using a massage gun on and around your hand, you just want to be careful around the bones. You can cause some pain and discomfort when hitting a bone with a percussion massager.
I like using a percussion massager on the pad and palm of my hand, and up into the thumb area this relieve some of that instant pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, but it is not the fix for Corporal tunnel.

How Do You Stop Carpal Tunnel From Progressing

Five images of Stretches That Help Corporal tunnel Relief
All The Stretches That Help Corporal tunnel

The number one way to stop carpal tunnel from progressing would be stretching. Everything listed here and this entire post from massage exercise using a percussion massager device will stop carpal tunnel from progressing and possibly cure you of the pain from carpal tunnel syndrome.

But the first thing and cheapest is simply doing forearm stretching, and then some solder stretching. The video above a doctor Joe, so some very simple exercise stretches that you can do anywhere.

Carpal Tunnel Brace

Carpal Tunnel Braces

There is a wide range of carpal tunnel braces. Some are cheap, and some go as high as $100
I had a cheaper carpal tunnel brace, and it did seem to help a little bit, but after time went on, it actually Weeknd my forearm, and my symptoms got worse. I recommend against a carpal tunnel brace unless you absolutely need it to do your job.

But soon as you get home or get away from your job, take the brace off and start doing some exercises to rebuild it to the muscle. When you put any body part and a brace, you weakened the muscle, and the muscle and connective tissue is the support for the joint, and if the joint gets weekend from the Lac of strength and muscle, you can experience more side effects.

The best thing for carpal tunnel is trying to rehabilitate it with therapy exercises and stretching using a brace is just a Band-Aid that will have adverse side effects long term, but it is an option for some people. I can give you some relief but let it be known that you could cause more damage by weakening that area even further.

Pinterest Infographic 3 Best Videos Stopping Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
3 Best Videos Stopping Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Women At Grater Risk Of Carpal Tunnel?

There are some case studies done showing that women could be at a greater risk of 2 Corporal tunnel syndrome.

due to hormone imbalances
hormones play a big role in men’s and women’s biology and how the body can heal and rebuild itself.

This is why your diet can be very important to hormone production and why a healthy diet can actually help carpal tunnel syndrome. By having a healthy diet, your hormones will be better balanced, and with better balance hormones, your body will be able to repair better.

So the next time you eat that Indulgence, you may want to Second think about how this food could affect your hormones, which can affect your body’s ability to repair and leave down to Corporal tunnel syndrome?

Women tend to be at higher risk of hormone problems. I believe that’s because they are the being that creates life the woman’s body does a lot more on a hormone level than a man’s body. A woman has to create hormones for 2 when in pregnancy. this can be very taxing on a woman’s body, making a woman more susceptible to hormone issues and possibly carpal tunnel syndrome.

How I Cured My Carpal Tunnel

I started with stretching, and this gave me more relief than I could ever imagine. I began to study more about carpal tunnel and repetitive motion and what really causes it in the first place. I got a better understanding of what actually was going on with the body. I have seen so many people get surgery, and it comes right back, so I look deeper for another alternative. Then I started using massage and then went to trigger point massage, breaking up the Deep scar tissue. I started doing forearm exercises and wrist rotations, getting the flexibility back into my wrist. When I first started, I could see where I lost a lot of flexibility, and once I began to regain my flexibility, the numbness and tingling went away. And then I was just left with a little bit of carpal tunnel syndrome pain. I cleaned up my diet as well and exercised more. I know all this helps. And now, without surgery, I don’t have any carpal tunnel issues. Today what I do to maintain I use a percussion massager on my forearms, upper arm, neck, and shoulders. All these body parts can contribute to Corporal tunnel syndrome. At first, I had no idea that pain in one area could be coming from something that is out of alignment or is too tight all the way and another area of the body our bodies are connected from head to toe. The nervous system is so complex and so easily Disturbed when something gets out of alignment. Now I stretch twice to three times a week. I exercise and sometimes a couple of times a year. I will get a hired professional massage therapist. Basically, that is the rest of the story of how I cured my carpal tunnel syndrome and, most importantly, to keep up with the maintenance. You can’t just text Corporal tunnel and then go back to the things that caused it in the first place. Or it will just come back and maybe worse than before. The best do figure out what is actually causing it. If you can stop doing that, that would be great, but for some people, can’t, so that’s where massage stretching and exercises will help billeted eight and rejuvenate the body so you can keep doing what you have to do.