How Not To Get Sick With Lactic Acid Release From Massage

Sick From Massage Tips To Prevent

I used to get sick all the time after a deep tissue massage. Now it’s been a couple of years, and I never get sick anymore.  I believe it’s due to several things I do before and after a deep tissue massage. Years ago, a massage therapist complained to her about getting nauseous after the massage, and the first thing she told me was drinking more water. That helps, but sometimes I’d still get nauseous.

Quick Answer How Not To Get Sick From Any Massage

Drink water before your massage and after. Avoid caffeine before and after deep tissue massage. Caffeine is a diuretic, and it will deplete your body of trace minerals, potassium, magnesium, sodium calcium. With the depletion of Nutrients after the massage, you can experience muscle cramps and spasms. This won’t be a problem for most people, but for some people who are very sensitive to caffeine or already in a deficit in their trace minerals, you want to avoid caffeine. 

Things To Have Before Deep Tissue Massage

  •  8 oz Of Water Every Hour
  • Leafy Green Vegetables Raw
  • Breathwork Focused On Deeper Breaths
  • Mindful Positive Thinking

 Things Not To Have Before A Deep Tissue Massage

  •  Caffeine
  •  White Flower
  •  White Processed Sugar
  •  MSG
  •  High Processed Oils
  • Sweet Drinks Soda Pop

What Is Lactic Acid Simple Definition

I don’t particularly appreciate it when people make things way more complicated-sounding then they need to be—the lactic acid in simple terms how I understand it better.

The oxidation toxins and the lack of oxygen and the muscle are a normal process, and a kneaded process as we do an exercise as oxygen levels drop in the muscle acid builds up once we take a rest fresh blood comes in.

Fresh blood is supposed to carry out oxidation toxins, but this doesn’t always work especially for people in jobs and career with repetitive motion acid can build up and get stagnant, and this is where you’ll get muscle trigger points, knots, and tightness sciatic nerve pain carpal tunnel all these things come from the muscle starving for oxygen.

This is why exercise with heavy breathing getting your heart rate up to 70% of maximum is so beneficial blood oxygen goes up and takes care of the buildup of acid .problem in steady repetitive motion jobs even just sitting at a desk typing you can use a lot of muscles but never get that blood oxygen saturation. Over time you’re going to build up with acid and have soreness and stiffness and eventually sickness.

This is why or when you may need to add a deep tissue massage or even perform your own percussion massage machine at home to break up that damaged tissue from the lack of oxygen once you get things moving again and then adding in some cardio once a week can help maintain a healthy blood oxygen level and prevent a lot of soreness and sciatic pain.

Why Do I Feel Sick After A Massage

I experienced this a lot in my first couple of massages, and I started implementing the things and the list above. And it’s been several years, and I have not gotten sick from the massage, so I researched it and found out things to do not get sick. What I found out it’s pretty common for people to get sick.

 Basically, when you’re getting a massage, there are old tissue toxins and things built up from the environment or bad food or even just mental stress cortisol adrenaline can build up in the body. This is why massage is such good mental therapy and physical therapy. It releases mental and physical stress, but when the stresses and toxins and chemicals build up in the soft tissue once it gets released, it has to be excreted out of the body through the bloodstream.

 So once you start getting your massage and things start breaking down, and you start loosening up, all these toxins, hormones, and chemicals alike are being pushed into the bloodstream and then will be processed through the kidneys and the liver once the blood gets filter return back to the soft tissue these toxins then will be excreted through your bowels and your urinary tract system

 This is why drinking plenty of water is essential. Probably the most important thing to do this is going to be your best way to excrete these toxins and chemicals from your body after a deep tissue massage same goes with a home massage or a percussion massager is going to be giving you the same effect maybe not to the extreme as a professional doing a deep tissue massage but staying hydrated is still very important for these other types of massages and don’t forget foam rolling it is doing the same thing you are pushing toxins out of the tissue into the bloodstream.

 Let me set something straight when I say toxins. It’s not all toxins that are being pushed in the bloodstream, but they’ll make you sick to your stomach, and that’s why I called him toxins feels pretty toxic sometimes.

 But when toxins? Get pushed into the bloodstream, you’re releasing proteins are releasing sodium you’re releasing trace minerals you releasing old dead cells you’re releasing hormones and chemicals and things that have gotten stagnant, and this is where the big benefit comes from massage is to release the stagnant good or bad chemicals or toxins in the body giving the body the ability to heal and repair the soft tissue freely.

 As well as restoring blood flow to the soft tissue which is the most important blood carries your nutrients blood is your healer this is why they say exercise is the best for arthritis my opinion, exercise is the best medicine for any injury you got a bad shoulder you need to exercise it’s not going to get better until blood with your micronutrients and your trace minerals and vitamins carry-in amino acids the building blocks to rebuild that damaged shoulder.

 I personally experienced this. I avoided this injury for 10 years, and it just got worse and worse and worse to the point that I was unable to do any other exercises. Hence, I started at the baseline with just resistance bands and stretching got to where I could carry some more weight and moved up the weight and wouldn’t you know it, the pain that I had for 10 years went away most valuable lesson I ever learned about the human body and the way that it adapts if you exercise properly and put the body in an environment to heal and grow it will. Still, if you sit on the couch and put it in an easy environment, the Bonnie will do the least it can to survive. That’s what it’s designed for.

Infographic don’t Get Sick after Massage

Does Deep Tissue Massage Release Toxins   

Some people believe deep tissue massage releases toxins. The science of massage has not really proven that exactly your liver and kidneys do the detoxification of the body, but the biggest organ that most people don’t look at as an organ is a muscle?

  If you release the tension and muscle from massage of any kind, you’re going to have a better functioning muscle what does. A muscle burns glucose in glycogen, but it also Burns a whole cocktail of hormones utilizing fat salt sugars to rebuild itself.

On my personal idea, muscle Burns cortisol, and too much cortisol get toxic, so in my theory, technically, massage doesn’t detoxify the body. Still, it makes a better functioning muscle, burning more stress and long-term makes better detoxification metabolically. 

People will argue this both ways when you get sick from massage. It is all the scar tissue and dead cells and anything that you’ve consumed that got left behind in the soft tissue when this is massage it is pushed out into the bloodstream, and if your body doesn’t have the right amount of hydration to flush the cleanse the blood you will experience some nausea.

After Effects Deep Tissue Massage

    A little soreness is normal after a deep tissue massage, especially if you’re new to deep tissue massage.

Most massage therapists are very good at what they do, and different people respond differently to massage. Some people can respond better with a much more intense deep tissue massage when other people could cause more damage.

A good massage therapist for your first couple sessions should go lighter than normal and get a feel of how your body will respond to a deep tissue massage, and after a few sessions, they can start turning up the pressure. You should not be in so much discomfort you can’t breathe during a deep tissue massage, and your therapist should be checking in with you regularly to make sure the pressure is good.

Generally, deep tissue massage will be uncomfortable, but it should not be excruciating. Your recovery time should be 24 to 48 hours Of Massage Therapy. a little soreness and stiffness for a day are normal, but if the soreness getting worse on day 3, you may have been overworked, and this can happen. Just make your therapist aware of how long it took you to recover from your last massage appointment they will directly know-how perform massage going forward.

You should never feel burning, tingling or stinging, or even shooting pain at any moment during a massage. If you feel any type of electric frying pain like that, immediately tell your therapist so they can work around that area properly. This goes for the day after.

If you notice your pain getting worse with a stinging or burning tingly pain or numbness, these are pains that you should never have any time after a massage and a lot of times is an indication of some nerve damage.

The nerve damage you experience could not necessarily be from the massage itself. It could be from a prior injury, but still, all the same, it needs to be seriously taken in permanent damage could happen from massage therapy it is an extremely rare case one recorded study a massage therapist damaged a nerve and the back of a patient’s knee from deep tissue massage. You will know whether the massage therapist is going too far, and that is when you’re feeling stinging or burning pain.

Any type of pain like that should never be felt during the massage. For the most part, a deep tissue massage should be pleasant with some Tensionareas but never burn stinging or shooting pain.

Why Do I Feel Dizzy And Sick After A Massage  

To prevent second dizziness from massage, hydration is number one. Avoiding caffeine and other things that can dehydrate the body will help tremendously. When you open up the soft tissue, you’re opening up blood flow, and if the body is not used to this, blood pressure could be running lower, giving you a light-headed feeling and nauseating to your stomach.

The stomach nausea could be overloaded build-up released out of the muscle into the bloodstream and the body having a hard time excreting all of it through the liver and kidneys. You should drink 16oz directly after a massage and maybe an hour drink another 16 oz. This will give the body the water to be able to pass the toxic buildup naturally.

Feeling Cold After Massage    

If you get a cold shower, once you get out, the room will feel warmer. If you get a hot shower, the room will feel colder once you get out, even though it is the same temperature as before. What’s going on is the expansion and retraction of blood vessels, nerves, and all tissue.

A mechanic or a pipefitter with a bolt or pipe that is hard to come out can heat it with a torch, and it will contract the metal and extract the bolts Or pipe. Cold expands and Heat contracts.

When you get a massage, you are physically expanding the blood vessels and getting the blood flow. You can experience a drop in blood pressure, which will make you feel cooler. If you ever noticed somebody with high blood pressure and they seem like they’re hot all the time and sweaty blood pressure will make you feel much warmer than you should be.

Several things are playing, making you feel cooler or cold after a massage. That is the expansion of blood vessels that lower the blood pressure and physically affect the body, giving you the experience of a hot shower. A hot shower feels good, and it’s relaxing, almost like a massage. You’re relaxing the muscle and nervous system through temperature. A lot of massage tables are heated for that reason.

Feeling cold after a massage is pretty normal for most people, and you should warm up shortly after. If it’s still a concern for you before your next massage, make sure your electrolytes are up as well as hydration. Some people mistake hydration for drinking more water, which is one of the key sources, but your electrolytes need to be balanced if you have too much water, your body will try to get rid of the extra water. If you have enough electrolytes, your body can balance the water with electrolytes and vice versa.

Sick After Massage?

In Summary

Getting sick from massage is pretty common, especially if you’re new to massage, drinking plenty of water after the massage, usually as somebody needs to stop nausea from massage. And always keeping up with the healthy, active lifestyle eating a whole food primary plant-based diet, and you will see your health get better with time. I am a true believer that we can always get better. There’s always room for improvement. Massage therapy is just another tool that we can use to better ourselves and become the best version of ourselves. It’s never too late to start something new, and you should never give up even if you get a little sick after a massage does your research and get back to living your best life. Science shows the massive benefits of Massage Therapy. The recovery process, which is usually the hard part for somebody, is the recovery exercise is only as good as your recovery program. The better and faster we recover, the faster and stronger we can train and get better!