How Cheap Can You Go And Still Buy A Good Massager

Massage Gun Cheap Vs Expensive

Massage Gun Cheap Vs Expensive

When I first got into percussion massagers, I didn’t want to spend $500 on a Massenger right out of the gate to find out that I wouldn’t say I don’t like it, then I’ll never use it again.  so I started with a couple of cheaper options. I found out that there are some good cheap ones, but if you go too cheap, you will run into some problems and maybe some safety concerns?

The Biggest Comparison of Expensive Vs. Cheap

The biggest scare I had one massager, nearly catch fire. You hear about certain Electronics made with cheap batteries exploding in people’s pockets and handbags. You see the YouTube videos of the guy dancing around looking like he’s got a firework going off in his pocket. This can happen if you go too cheap on any electrical device. Some companies will use such a cheap battery that they can overheat and explode like a firework.

 To avoid this, this is why I recommend purchasing a budget percussion massager above $100, and I wouldn’t go cheaper. If you go cheaper than $100, the internal parts will be extremely cheap, and it’s not really worth your money at that point.

 If you have the money and you’ve had some experience with a percussion massager, and you know you’re going to like it and use it, then, by all means, go spend the money on a Theragun or Hypervolt or a Tim Tam, and you’ll be good to go. The big brand names, yes, they are some nice machines, and you’re going to get more for your money.  If you’re like me and did not want to spend a lot of money to find out it was all a waste, I recommend starting with a $100 percussion massager and even up to a hundred and fifty.  In my personal opinion, the best middle of the road for customers’ chargers is the Achedaway. It’s pretty much the best you’ll get for the lowest price.

Cheap Percussion Massager

  • lower battery life
  • unable to replace the battery
  • Poor stall strength
  • Limited millimeter stroke length
  • Louder noise in operation

Expensive Percussion Massager

  • Longer battery life
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Longer compression stroke
  • Higher stall compression strength
  • Noise reduction
  • Overall longer-lasting
  • More percussion less vibration
  • Better cooling without overheating
  • More durable from dropping
  • Better adjustment positioning
  • Shorter session per muscle group

How To Choose Your Massager

The list above is the main benefits and disadvantages of a cheaper or more expensive percussion massager, but if you’re still undecided, here are some more tips to consider when purchasing a percussion massager.

How many times a week do you work out?
If you work out once or twice a week, the hundred $100 $150 range percussion massagers will do you just fine.

If you work out for days or more a week, you will probably want a higher-end percussion massager, something you’ll be using every other day and something that is more along the lines of what the high-end athletes use. The NBA really likes the Theragun and many MMA fighters, UFC fighters, and professional bodybuilders people with thicker muscles like the TimTam more due to its longest percussion-Length massager on the market also has a heated tip, which is unique to the Tim Tam only.

If you only work out a couple of times a week?
A cheaper percussion massager will work just fine for you. If you’re not sure if you’re going to like it or not, then I recommend going with the hundred-dollar percussion massager. I would not go cheaper than $100 to bash any companies, but some of the batteries and electric motors are so cheaply made that they can catch fire if used for too long. I highly recommend staying away from percussion massagers and the 50 to $80 range.

Best Affordable Massage Gun

Some of the best affordable percussion massage guns would be Amazon

  • Achedaway
  • Bob and Brad

On eBay There’s

  • Theragun Mini Used
  • M3 Pro
  • Pulse Fx

The more generic percussion massagers there stay on that $100 and up the range, and all of them do pretty well for what you get for the money. 

I started with a couple under $100, and one of them internal started melting down from overheating. One day I was changing the tip. It looked weird inside the percussion’s shaft got a closer look and seen and could smell burning plastic melting plastic. This is concerned with me. I have used this machine and then just left the house. It could have easily caught fire and burnt the house down. This is why I highly recommend not go with the cheapest lol the best deal might not always be the best.


It has some good ideas that you can Pin and keep up to the latest news on percussion massagers. The cheaper massagers are really stepping up their game. As percussion massagers get more popular, more generic brands are becoming bigger and putting more quality into their massagers.

best massage gun

Best Massage Guns

In my opinion, the absolute best guns would have to come down to three percussion massagers, that would be…

  •  Theragun
  •  Hypervolt 
  •  TimTam

 All three of these Guns are the best. Each one has its unique abilities to the percussion massagers. Theragun is a revolutionary design that gives you the ability to reach places and position yourself differently from any other percussion massager.

Hypervolt has like a tank when it comes to percussion massagers. It is probably one of the most durable and indestructible with its patented censored percussion strengths tensioning smart technology makes them unique. TimTam has the longest stroke of any percussion massager on the market.

This is why your high-performance athletes go for the temp tab or people with larger thicker muscle that need that deeper percussion as well they have a heated tip that is unique to Tim Tam that gives them something different than anything else out there, which is the absolute best it depends on the person if your person with thicker muscles and need a deeper percussion it’s Tim Tam all the way.

Suppose you’re somebody who has hard-to-reach areas, or you’re going to use the percussion massager mostly on your upper back and lower back Theragun all the way.

If you’re somebody who’s looking for a good all-around percussion massager to do it all and you’re worried about other family members may be dropping it or it being on some long trips needing a long battery life, Hypervolt is the only way to go how fast answer some of your questions about what is the best percussion massager it really comes down to you and your needs once you get in the upper class of the high-end percussion massagers over that 200  $300 point.

best affordable massage gun

Affordable massage guns does have to be

  •  Bob and Brad’s percussion massager on Amazon
  • Archway percussion massager
  •  M3 percussion massager on eBay and Amazon

 These are the highest quality percussion massagers you can get for the money. There is maybe hundreds of Off the Wall brand name knock-off percussion massagers some with no brand names at all and some that have brand names that you probably never heard and some you probably can’t understand. and there are a few other cheaper percussion massage for those that are good when I get my hands on one I will do some more reviews on them but if you want a reliable cheap with quality percussion massager that’s not going to break on you in a few weeks the Bob and Brad percussion massager on Amazon is a good one as well Achaway and M3 Pro.

These percussion massagers will last for years and get the job done. I always recommend starting with a cheaper percussion massager to see how you’re going to like it, so you don’t waste your money.

best affordable massage gun

best massage gun under $150

best massage gun under $150
best massage gun under $150
Bob and Brad percussion massager

The best percussion massager under $150, in my opinion, would be the Bob and Brad percussion massager. They stand behind their massager you can find Bob and Brad on YouTube apparently that the most famous physical therapist and chiropractors on the internet but of course that’s in there only their own opinion kind of a lot like me a lot of things are in my only opinion LOL these guys are awesome and if you have any other issues with your back or any aches and pains are posture is to look them up on YouTube. They have almost a video on any Physical Therapy Chiropractic helmet stretches home remedies.

best massage gun under $100

best massage gun under $100

Best massage for under $100 hmmm… if you want my opinion, there isn’t one! The problem is when you go under $100 on a percussion massager. You’re dealing with extremely cheap parts. I had one under $100 almost catch on fire on me, so I constantly cannot recommend any percussion massager under $100 safely. I am sure there are percussion massagers out there under $100 that will do just fine. I believe the M3 Pro is close to that price, and that is a pretty good percussion massager for the money.

But you have to be extremely careful if you’ve ever seen the YouTube videos of batteries on electronic devices exploding and shooting like a firework, hot melted acid, and Flame. There are no reports that this has happened with a percussion massager but be aware that it’s the same idea when you’re dealing with cheap electrical battery parts. They can overheat and short out and burn down like a cinder Airy round melting through the carpet.

If you’re not home to extinguish the fire, it could possibly burn your home down, so I highly recommend just spending a few more dollars going over that $100 price point. You get $1,000 more of quality when you just move up a few dollars. I would stick with the 120 to the 150 range at the minimum!

Conclusion Best Deal For The Money

Play it safe, and don’t burn your house down. Buying the cheapest massager the losest as I would go on a percussion massager and be that $120 that $150 range, and if you got the money and you want a budget massager to go up to the $200 range. You will get a really good quality percussion massager without paying $500 for one.

In some cases, money doesn’t buy you more quality, but in the percussion massagers, most of them, the more expensive, the better they are dealing with internal electrical parts and motors and the most expensive part the batteries. If the battery goes bad on many cheaper ones, then your percussor massager is no good. Most likely, the battery cannot be replaced, so getting a percussion massager that has replaceable batteries and is more of the upper end for middle-of-the-road percussion massager price, which is around $200, you’re going to save a lot of headaches and possibly some hazards.