Achedaway Deals – Comparison To Other Percussion Massagers

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Achedaway Short Review

Achedaway Is a really nice middle of the line percussion massager. It is not the best one on the market, but it’s far from the worst. The best deals can be found on Amazon, occasionally a used one on eBay savings up to 50%. Compared to its competitors, Theragun and Hypervolt Achedaway percussion massager holds its ground.

Achedaway  Specs & Stroke Length

Achedaway Is a pretty amazing little machine. In my opinion, the stroke length of a percussion massager is one of the more important features if you want a vibrating massager while buying a vibrating massager—the idea of a percussion massager hence the name percussion. You get the percussion massage from the stroke length. AchedawayHas a 16 mm stroke length, which is impressive for its class. A lot of the other percussion massagers have a much smaller percussion length. It is not a problem if you want that type of massage to be more of a surface massage, but inexperience and what I’m trying to achieve, I’m usually looking for the deeper tissue that’s harder to reach. With that, you’re going to need a longer percussion.

Achedaway  specs

  • – Speed Adjustable: 5-speed adjustment from 1500 – 3250rpm 
  • – Holding the power button for two seconds will turn the device OFF
  • – Aluminum alloy body
  • – Battery rechargeable lithium-ion battery 5 hours in a single charge
  • – Automatically stop the massage run time exceeds 20 minutes
  • – Multi-function Massage: Equipped with 4 massage heads
  • – 16 mm percussion stroke length
  • – AC Charger:110-240V 50/60Hz – DC24V-1A


Pulse Percussion Speed Ranges From 1500 to max of 3250.

Pulse(BPM)/Freq(Hz): Level 1 – 1500/25, Level 2 – 1900/31, Level 3 – 2400/40, Level 4 – 2850/47, Level 5 – 3250/54

Weight: 2.5 lbs / 1.1 kg (2.7 lbs/ 1.2 kg including charger)

Achedaway  Best Deals

I found the cheapest deals used on eBay. But I would be careful. The saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. I purchased a different brand off of eBay, used it, and it was broken. You want to read the description carefully and say that all the working parts are working properly. The listing stated to be in good working condition, and it shows up broken eBay return policy will refund you for items not as described. The next best place to buy is Amazon. They have some of the fastest shipping anyway, or you can buy directly from Achedaway at Sometimes, you can get some coupons from Or do a Google search Achedaway discount code. You’ll find several other sites that can’t be offering a discount or coupon for Achedaway Percussion massager, depending on the time of the year. They were always different offers the best time to buy as always after Christmas mid-January first quarter year sales many companies are trying to get their sales up. You’ll get some of the best discounts then.

Achedaway vs Theragun

The biggest difference And is also what makes Theragun unique from all other percussion massagers. The handle design of Theragun gives you different options to better reach the back body with different handgrip locations on the massager itself. For many people, there are better able to reach their shoulder blades where Theragun is better. You’re going to pay more for them again, but if you’re looking for just an excellent percussion massager and not paying $500 for one Achedaway, it is one of the best in its class. The biggest thing I look for in a percussion massager is 2 stroke length, and both Theragun and Achedaway I have a 16 mm pulse stroke, the second-longest percussion stroke length on the market. If I were to buy a Theragun or an Achedaway, I would go with Achedaway Simply because of the price point. If money weren’t an option, I would probably go with Theragun just because of the different hand placement you can do to better access hard-to-reach body parts. But they’re almost identical in it comparison other than the few design traits. If you want to know more about percussion massage length and the longest percussion stroke length massager on the market, click this link.

Achedaway versus Hypervolt Review

Achedaway versus Hypervolt

Achedaway vs. Hypervolt You’ll find in the video above she really breaks down one of the best comparisons. She found that the Hypervolt felt like it brought a deeper percussion, Which may confuse some people. The Hypervolt has a lower percussion stroke at 13 mm vs. Achedaway At 16 mm. I believe this is because Hypervolt is one of the most That will not lose percussion strength under an under a load with its Patented pressure sensor. 

Things to consider  hypervolt over Achedaway

Achedaway versus Achedaway pro

The pro model has a little bit better battery and more percussion massage strength. You’ll be able to get a little deeper into the muscles with the Achedaway pro, in my personal opinion.

Achedaway is a deal for the money. You get a lot of equality but still not paying that high-end $500 plus the price.  I started with a $70 knockoff brand percussion massager watch I still recommend for people to do. At the time, I did not know about Achedaway, but I did not want to pay five or six hundred dollars for Hypervolt or Theragun. to find out about something I don’t like or don’t need. But now that I’ve used them, I’m hooked. It’s like having a personal trainer massage therapist. There are days I don’t feel like stretching and don’t feel like foam rolling. You take your percussion massager to turn it on and let it do the work. To me, that’s a real recovery plan sometimes. I don’t feel like working out because I worked out now that I’m getting older, things don’t come back together as they used to find I need more recovery Tools in my bag percussion massager one of them.

Achedaway versus Achedaway pro Review

Achedaway vs. Hyperice

Hyperice Is actually the brand name the percussion massager is Hypervolt. There are three models Hypervolt go the regular Hypervolt and Hypervolt plus. Price ranges from 199.00 all the way to 399.00 the best for comparison with Achedawayn, the regular Hypervolt. Achedaway versus Hypervolt Article about I go into detail the comparison Hyperice Is a higher-end brand, and you’re going to pay more money they do stand behind their products. Their quality is in the top tier. A friend of mine will use nothing but her Hypervolt and swears by it. But there again, Achedaway is half the money, and if you’re trying, do not break the bank like me Achedaway Is the way to go.  I recommend starting with a cheaper one you don’t know if you’re going to like it or if you even use it some people buy them use it once and then forget about it never really see I need for it some people use them and absolutely hate it and think that it is uncomfortable. But if you’re an active person into health and fitness, you’re used to being uncomfortable, haha, and you’ll find great comfort in discomfort with a machine like this releasing muscle trigger points can be a whole lot more discomforting than not really seen them. To me, they’re just another tool in my recovery bag. I still stretch, and I still use foam rolling. I still roll on a tennis ball, which is now a baseball tennis ball that is usually too soft for me. I love to use a percussion massager when I really don’t feel like doing anything else, let the machine do the work.

Achedaway Massage Gun For Sale

Achedaway You can buy them almost anywhere. Sometimes you can get them used on eBay. A lot of people buy them from Amazon. I am not affiliated with Amazon, but no one can really beat two-day shipping customer satisfaction guaranteed, or you can buy them directly from the company. I recommend doing a Google search for sales or coupons. You can apply them on their website. Sometimes Amazon will have a seller that will be running a liquidation, and sometimes you can get on a sale deal, but still, yet they are in a kind of a class of Their Own far as quality and price point they’re much better than the cheaper ones. However, they’re still not a Theragun or a Hypervolt. Was that being said, if you don’t want to spend 500 +, but you have more in your budget than $100, and yes, I would go with an Achedaway All day long!

Where Is Achedaway Made?

Achedaway Massager Logo

I’ve messaged the company, and soon as they get back to me, I will have an answer detailed about their manufacturing process and where their percussion massagers are made. As far as I know now, they’re manufactured in China, but that is not verified yet.